What Does a Web Developer Do? | Vital Information for Your New, Successful Career?

What does a web developer do? The advent of the internet and better technologies has provided opportunities to pursue different careers in the tech world. Before jumping into a newer career, do your research and consider the path ahead.

With many job market openings, a web developer profession will provide you with ample opportunities and stability. This article will provide vital information. 

Key Takeaways

  • Web development skills are essential to succeed as a web developer.
  • There are top-rated courses to pursue and excel as a web developer.
  • There are 3 types of web development: Front-end, Back-end, and Full-stack Developers.
  • Web development includes web programming, database management, and web design.

One key thing that is clear is that web developers build websites. The website development field keeps evolving, with innovative practices and techniques gracing the industry and many players in the field expecting better results. Significantly, everyone in the industry benefiting from these innovations has to stay up to date with current industry trends.

Web developers can work independently as freelancers. One can also work with company teams or project managers in the IT and digital marketing departments. 

As the industry continues to grow, so is the demand for talented, skilled, and career-focused web developers. Hence, the career has become an attractive option for many tech-savvy people over the years.

What Does a Web Developer Do? Key Basics to Know 

If you are tech-savvy, one key thing that will come to mind is that web developers help build websites. However, there is more to it than just building websites. 

Web developers have the skill set and knowledge to help program the codes that allow a website to function effectively. They are responsible for building functions within a website and understanding how computers and web servers work. 

Further, website developers are well-acquainted with many software programs,  programming languages, and web applications. A good website developer has to be competent in implementing visual layouts and designs. 

The common programming language web developers should be well-versed in include:

  • JavaScript 
  • Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
  • HyperText Markup Language (HTML)
  • Python 
  • PHP
  • TypeScript 

Once the website runs, the web designers will have more work to undertake. Their duties will include integrating content, and graphics, optimizing website performance, and testing to ensure the website is compatible with mobile or computer screens.

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Pathway to Becoming a Web Developer

If you want to become a good web developer, there is more to know besides the desired skill sets. The critical area to fathom or gather vital information about is web development. These are all tasks undertaken with building, creating, and maintaining websites and applications running on web browsers. 

The process may include web programming, database management, and web design. Because you are already familiar with a standard web programming language, there are more steps to take and become a web developer:

  1. Build Key Website Developer Skills

Employers and clients you will be dealing with require you hold different skills to demonstrate your ability. To skills to possess include

  • Technical skills vary from coding, responsive, and visual design to technical SEO. 
  • Workplace skills will include good communication, problem-solving, organization, and customer service skills.
  1. Have to Consider a Degree/Relevant Courses

You don't ALWAYS need a degree to get web development jobs. But it can certainly increase your chances of getting a stable job. Consider the different courses offered or recommended for most web developers.

  1. Build a Portfolio of Web Development Work

The portfolio you build is the most crucial part of your resume. It shows a collection of skills and experience in the field. Potential employers will get to know you and what you are capable of doing. 

  1. Get Certified 

Getting certified as a professional validates your skills and knowledge to potential employers. You can pursue different certifications, even as a senior web developer. For instance, go for Adobe Certified Expert (ACE) or Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSD). 

What Types of Web Developers Are There?

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More career-focused individuals are specializing in website development these days. The U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) predicts that the growth will surge tremendously in the coming years. Even in website development, web developers vary. Here are three main types of web developers that you can aspire to be today:

Front-end Web Developers

Front-end senior web developers help with everything website users interact with or see. The task will include determining how a website's colors, icons, types, and images appear. Front-end web development is, therefore, responsible for the feel and looks of a website. 

These web developers typically specialize in front web development to implement a design on a specific website. It means that when these web developers integrate design, language, framework, and scripts, users have a reliable environment where they can touch, click, and see everything they want. Front-end development involves embracing web programming languages such as HTML, CCS, and JavaScript

Back-end Developers 

Back-end web developers play significant roles in determining how a website works. They create the look and the feel of a website before they can go on and maintain it or ensure it works as they anticipate.

A back-end developer will focus on site functionality and ensure it is effective in responsiveness and speed. Therefore, back-end web development involves building and maintaining the necessary code that makes it easy for the website to run smoothly. A back-end developer will use top-notch programming languages, including PHP, Java, and MySQL.  

Full-stack Developer

Full-stack web developers do a lot when it comes to the complexity of a website. They will cover both roles of front-end and back-end developers. 

Full-stack developers will play a significant role in speeding up or troubleshooting site creation or redesign. Therefore, these developers embrace the latest technologies in the field, such as blockchain and better programming languages, to strengthen a site's functionality. 

Courses to Help Pursue a Career as a Web Developer

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A bachelor's degree opens up many successful web developers' career doors. It's the best way to acquire web development and related skills. There are recommendable courses to pursue today, and they include:

1. The Complete Web Developer in 2022: Zero to Mastery

It is one of the best courses that suit different types of web developers. The course will expose you to code and help you become the best developer with CSS, HTML, React, JavaScript, Node.js, and machine learning skills

Graduates will amass skills to help look for employment as software developers, full-stack developers, front-end developers, and JavaScript developers. The course covers everything you need to get hired in different web development fields. 

You will grow from a learner to a professional supported by an outstanding portfolio through extensive training. You must prepare to accumulate fundamental life skills and create websites and applications to earn a living.

2. HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for Web Developers 

This course will help explore various programming languages that make creating functional websites easy. No client wants poorly designed and implemented websites. 

The course will guide you to gain skills in HTML, CCS Frameworks, JavaScript, and Cascading Style Sheets. You will learn the essential tools that are great for computer programmers and website page coders. 

You will learn how to implement the latest web page with a standard programming language. Then you will advance to write code and create unique web pages for different devices. Financial aid is also available, or you can apply for a scholarship if it's hard to afford the enrollment fee for this course.

3. The Complete Web Developer Course 2.0 

Get that dream web development job by enrolling in this one-of-a-kind web development course. The course will introduce you to developing websites and mobile apps using HTML, PHP, JavaScript, CSS, MySQL, Python, and other programming languages.

It's an excellent course that will make it easy to work as a freelancer and even start your own online business. You will be proficient with server-side languages and databases as this is a top-rated course trusted by many companies globally.

No pre-knowledge is required to pursue this course. Your confidence and dedication are all you need to become the best. A properly working computer is a crucial requirement, and you don't need software to get started. 

4. Meta Front-End Developer Professional Certificate 

There is no better way to launch a career as a front-end developer than to pursue a professional certificate. This course helps build job-ready skills and get certification from Meta. You don't need any prior degree or website development experience to pursue a Meta Front-End Developer Professional Certificate.

You will learn how to prepare for coding-related interviews, build portfolio-ready projects helpful during interviews, and problems solving approaches. Other areas include using Bootstrap CSS Framework and user interface to create webpages and responsive sites using HTML, JavaScript, and CSS.

Further, you will gain skills in React, web development tools, object-oriented programming (OOP), and test-driven development. Most importantly, it is a 9-course program for software engineers and front-end developers and will equip you with matchless skills.  

5. The Complete 2022 Web Development Bootcamp 

Enroll in this course and become a full-stack web developer. This top-notch course will introduce you to MongoDB, DApps, HTML, Node, JavaScript, CSS, Web3, and React. 

This top-rated course will help you learn to code without programming experience. The course will take you through orientation in the website development field to mastery in the job industry. 

The course also provides animated explanation videos and real-world projects to learn how to create websites. On the other hand, the program or curriculum focuses on comprehensive student feedback and testing. The course also provides 65-hour HD video tutorials that are also helpful.

6. Web Design for Everybody: Basic of Web Development & Coding Specialization

Looking forward to learning how to design, create websites, and build responsive web portfolios using the best programming language? Enroll in one of the top courses in web design

It is a premium course that covers how to write in the correct HTML5 and CSS3 languages. You also gather robust knowledge on creating interactive website experiences with JavaScript. Mastering these technologies will give you the confidence to develop high-quality websites that are compatible and responsive to different devices.

Other skills you will gain include Bootstrap (Front-end Framework), Document Object Model (DOM), Style Sheets, and Web Accessibility. Most importantly, you will learn from the leading scientists in the field and gather robust skill sets and expertise. Sign up for the course today and learn more.

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What Skill Do You Need to Be a Web Developer?

If you are working hard to become a web developer, you must understand standard programming languages such as HTML and CSS. Other essential skills include effective communication, understanding UX, constantly learning, and good time management.

Is Becoming a Web Developer Hard?

Becoming a web developer isn't hard, but there is much to learn to become the best in the field. You will encounter a lot of challenges in your career pursuits. Some are easy to overcome and fix, while others can be tough. 

How Long Will It Take to Become a Website Developer?

It will take 2-4 years to pursue a college degree or a bachelor's degree in computer science, computer programming, or website development.  But there are short courses that could help you learn a lot faster.

What Are Web Developers Likely to Work With?

Web developers are passionate, creative, and knowledgeable people to work with or trust. Web developers work by combining these traits to design, implement and maintain websites and applications effectively.

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