Udemy Founder | Learn About the Man Who Started This Amazing Online Learning Platform

Ah, Udemy – the revolutionary educational platform that has changed how we learn and grow. I remember when I first discovered it and the amazing possibilities it offered me. But I never knew the story behind this incredible innovation. I had to find out who was behind such a revolutionary platform.

And that’s exactly what I did.

I followed the trail, did the research, and eventually discovered the man behind it: Udemy’s founder and CEO, Eren Bali.

Key Takeaways

  • Udemy is a rapidly growing online learning and teaching platform offering students worldwide the opportunity to access affordable and standard education since May 2010. 
  • Udemy’s success and popularity are largely due to its visionary founder, Eren Bali, and co-founders, Gagan Biyani and Oktay Caglar.
  • Udemy has headquarters in San Francisco, US, and hubs in Denver, US; Dublin, Ireland; Ankara, Turkey; São Paulo, Brazil; and Gurugram, India. 
  • Udemy came into existence when the biggest angel investor of the year, David McClure, stepped forward and led this project.

Eren’s founding Udemy story is truly remarkable. A software engineer in Turkey with a passion for education, he was unsatisfied with the inefficiencies he found in traditional classrooms. He wanted to find a way to make education more accessible and innovative. That’s when he came up with the idea for Udemy.

Discover the incredible story of Udemy and its game-changing founder! Once just a distant dream, this revolutionary online learning platform has changed how we learn and grow, creating a world of limitless possibilities.

Read this article to learn about Udemy's founder, know all about the struggles of how the company came into existence as I talk about the journey behind Udemy, and also discover how one person's passion and vision transformed an entire industry.

Udemy Founders Introduction

Udemy is a rapidly growing online learning and teaching platform offering students worldwide the opportunity to access affordable and standard education since May 2010.

On the other hand, Udemy also provides individuals with a platform to teach Udemy courses, making this a great opportunity for entrepreneurs, professionals, and educators.

Moreover, its success and popularity are largely due to its visionary founder, Eren Bali, and co-founders, Gagan Biyani and Oktay Caglar.

Eren Bali - Founder

Eren Bali is an inspiring engineer and a thoughtful technology innovator. Born in the city of Malatya, Turkey, he had to begin working and supporting his family before completing his education.

After developing his knowledge of the technology industry and spearheading one of the first online live-streaming solutions, Eren created the initial concept of Udemy.

Eren came from a background where higher education is not always available, and this was his inspiration for creating Udemy. He wanted to develop a way for people like him to have unprecedented access to quality education no matter where in the world they live.

Eren's success and achievements as a tech entrepreneur have always been to empower and encourage the world's learners to reach their educational goals.

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How Did Erin Come to Find Udemy?

Eren Bali is a graduate of the Middle East Technical University’s (ODTU) Department of Computer Engineering. But his diploma is far from the only one. He also did a Double Major in Mathematics, earning himself two diplomas by the time he graduated.

From a young age, Bali has been fascinated by the internet and software, leading him to establish a company in Turkey and later Silicon Valley in 2009. His entrepreneurial spirit led him to the development of Udemy, a popular educational platform for anyone looking to develop new skills.

Udemy can be seen as a testament to Bali’s ambition and creativity. What started out as an idea has now flourished into one of the names supporting online education. He was able to blend his foresight for the future of technology and education and make it accessible to people from all walks of life.

What makes Bali exceptional is his ability to see beyond the boundaries of school and into the possibilities that the internet and software can offer - always looking for the next big thing in tech. He has inspired countless aspiring entrepreneurs to follow in his footsteps and see the future of learning that Udemy provides.

Due to his success in Silicon Valley, Eren Bali is now a celebrated name in the global technology scene. He is an inspiration to the younger generations and a reminder that success is attainable when you build upon your passions and strive to reach your goals.

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Co Founders - Oktay Cagar & Gagan Biyani

When Eren Bali was defining his future plans and dreams, he had a unique friend by his side - his middle school friend, Oktay Çağlar(Co-Founder). Together, they both shared ideas and dreams to bring a new era of education to Turkey.

Fast forwarding to 2007-2009, the budding entrepreneurs worked together on a revolutionary concept: An education platform concentrated in Turkey to help people of all ages learn and develop their skills.

Bali and Çağlar’s determination and creativity made their dreams a reality. After moving to the USA in 2009, the duo raised money in Silicon Valley for their project. They took the leap, believing in their convictions, and founded their education platform in 2010.

But there was still one challenge they faced - financial. This is where Bali and Oktay met Gagan Biyani, an Indian-American entrepreneur who truly made a difference. He is now the former president of Udemy platform.

David McClure, one of the most respected investors in Silicon Valley, has single-handedly changed the face of online education—and in a big way. Udemy just got the biggest angel investor of the year when David McClure stepped forward and led this project.

This wasn’t a solo mission—a total of 11 investors were convinced that this project could be successful and required immediate funding, and they put their money where their mouth was. Later, Udemy raised $1 million in funding.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Now I will answer the most frequently asked questions.

Who is the owner of Udemy?

Eren Bali is the dedicated and passionate entrepreneur behind Udemy. He’s consistently led the company to achieve each of its amazing milestones. His creative and innovative ideas have changed the face of online learning, making great education available and affordable to the masses.

In my opinion, we are lucky to have a visionary like Bali at the helm of Udemy, making it the world leader it is today!

Is Udemy an Indian company?

No, Udemy is not an Indian company. It is an online learning and teaching platform founded in 2010, headquartered in San Francisco, US and with hubs in Denver, US; Dublin, Ireland; Ankara, Turkey; Sao Paulo, Brazil; and Gurugram, India.

Moreover, the company offers a comprehensive portfolio of courses covering topics that range from personal development, office productivity, businesses, entrepreneurship, finance, and technology to health, language skills, music, and more.

When was Udemy founded?

Udemy is a world-leading online learning platform that has inspired and educated people since its inception in 2010. Founded by a group of entrepreneurs and technologists with a mission to give everyone access to the world’s best education.

Is Gagan Biyani Indian?

Gagan Biyani was born in California to Indian immigrants, and he is the co-founder and former president of Udemy, a leading learning and teaching platform for online courses.

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Udemy's founder has made a tremendous impact on the world of education. His creative vision and innovative thinking has changed the face of education forever, with Udemy's learning platform helping students around the world gain access to knowledge. His creative force and drive to surpass expectations has truly illuminated new possibilities and opportunities for learners. We owe a great debt to Udemy's founder for providing us with this amazing platform.

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