Udacity VS Treehouse | Which Online Platform Is Better for Your Learning Needs?

Udacity VS Treehouse, which is better? Udacity and Treehouse are both great online sources for learning how to program. In fact, Treehouse calls itself “the best way to learn to code and start your career as a web developer.”

These two online websites have their pros and cons, and that’s why they appeal to different types of people. In this article, I will discuss their differences, courses they offer, students enrolled in their courses, their pricing, just to name a few.

 Udacity Online Learning Platform

Udacity is a unique type of learning platform that is open and can be accessed anywhere in the world. Its students learn online, at their own pace, on the computer or their mobile device.

If you are looking for the best online courses to learn programming, HTML and CSS, data science, web development, etc., then Udacity might be your best choice.


The website was launched in early 2011 by Sebastian Thrun, David Stavens, and Mike Sokolsky. Their large varieties of educational tutorials are not only educative but backed by Google and other big names in Silicon Valley.

Is  MOOC A Platform?

MOOC stands for massive open online courses, and Udacity is an online education platform where people can take free and paid courses from such schools as Stanford, Princeton, Georgia Tech, and the University of California San Diego.


From these prestigious institutes and schools, learners can choose from a plethora of learning opportunities, from computer science to nanotechnology to bioinformatics.

Treehouse Courses

Treehouse or Teamtreehouse was founded by Ryan and Gillian Carson in 2011 with a passion for creating self-directed online education experiences designed to help both beginners and experienced web developers achieve their goals.

They launched their first online education platform on July 13, 2011, with 350 students, a handful of instructors, and two products to learn – HTML & CSS. Since then, Treehouse has expanded its curriculum to 15+ languages and thousands of micro-credential certifications covering more than 5 million user hours of instruction.

home page of the site

 It Is Ideal If You Want to Learn How To Code

Treehouse is a well-known online learning platform. The courses are taught from a tech-centered perspective and will help you learn skills like HTML, JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, CSS, iOS programming, and much more. The platform is made for those that are very new to programming or have some experience but want to elevate their skills to the next level.

Treehouse Courses Offered

  • CSS
  • Tech degree
  • HTML
  • JavaScript
  • Front end web

which one to chose

Treehouse vs. Udacity – Which is better?

1. Courses Offered


Treehouse's online education platform was founded with one goal in mind: to build the best web design, development, and technology learning environment in the world. Like I mentioned before, this online platform offers more technical subjects like coding,  machine learning, etc.

This online platform offers over 1,000 hours of high-quality videos that will teach you how to build websites, create iOS apps, design beautiful digital products, and more. Whatever you learn at Treehouse, lessons are immediately applicable to your life or work.

It has over 100 free courses, while Udacity has over 200 free ones.


Udacity Courses

Udacity provides a variety of courses in various subjects and nano degrees or programs that have certificates after completion. They are mostly tech such as programming, full-stack development, artificially intelligence, data science, cloud computing,

There are also subjects or programs such as education, business intelligence, etc. Nano degree programs have a series of paid courses that can be completed in a month. There are currently more than 60 nanodegree programs.

a lot of programms

2. Treehouse and Udacity Pricing

A Free Trial

Treehouse and Udacity have free trials. Are you interested in starting a website designing career, learning how to code, or improving your development skills? You're in luck because the world's largest online educational technology companies offer free trials that’ll help you get started.

The time spent in this short period will give you an idea as to whether these are a good option for you or not. Take advantage of the free trials of Treehouse and Udacity to learn something new.


Treehouse Pricing

For the past few years, Treehouse has been making a name for itself as one the best online platforms to learn tech-related subjects. The online learning venue has now announced its price plans for the new school year, which will allow individuals to take courses for a monthly subscription rate.

Treehouse offers people education experience for a monthly subscription of $25. With this price, you will get access to learning materials of your tutorials or online courses, student forums, tests to examine your skills.

Udacity tech degrees cost $199 per month. These are the only online degrees that give certification on this platform.


3. Courses Level

Treehouse offers beginner courses, unlike Udacity, which mostly has high-level courses.

However, Udacity offers better quality content as compared to Treehouse. Both Udacity and Treehouse are platforms that allow learners to build the best web applications from scratch.

Udacity Courses

Udacity offers high-level courses like Nanodegrees. It is worth noting that they are very popular as it is associated with Google; in some cases, if you pass a Udacity course, you get credit for Google certification.

Udacity gives you the freedom to pursue projects you care about. With Nanodegrees that teach everything from front-end web development and data science to visual design, it’s easy to find the skills worth learning.

data engineer course

When I last checked in with Udacity, the company was expanding beyond its roots as a resource for on-demand tech educational tutorials—launching a program that would see students receive career counseling to prepare them for interviews and landing jobs at major companies like Google and AT&T. Now; they’ve begun a new chapter with an ambitious new mission: to give anyone who wants it the opportunity to earn a high-paying career in technology.

Web Development

Udacity is one of the best online learning platforms or websites to learn about this course.  Whether you're new to web development or seeking to become a master, Udacity web development nanodegree will help you learn new skills, advance your career, and build something incredible.

It is a self-paced degree program that will help you get a job in the real world.

best course

Is Udacity Better Than Teamtreehouse?

Both Udacity and TeamTreehouse websites offer coding programs. Although both offer you a similar chance at acquiring a technical skill, they are different in terms of price, location, and methodology.

This makes it important for you to understand the pros and cons of each before deciding which is best for your situation.

Free Trial

Udacity offers 30 days free trial compared to Teamtreehouse, which offers only 7 days.

The 30 days free trial is a good opportunity for students to test the online course before enrolling in it. If you are looking at affordable and cost-effective methods to learn, then Udacity is an ideal place to learn.

credit card

This 30-day free trial is available to anyone who is not currently enrolled in an Udacity Nanodegree program or has not participated in the previous 30 days. After the first month, you can cancel at any time.

Treehouse currently has a 7-day free trial where new users can test its website or courses.  Whether you want to start learning to code or are simply interested in other tech topics like programming and mobile app or game development, Treehouse may be worth a try.

Is Treehouse Coding Worth It?

Yes, this is one of the top E-learning platforms that has helped over one million students to learn programming languages like HTML and CSS, build apps, find jobs and start successful projects.

The site also provides plenty of valuable resources like the Treehouse blog, course videos, an active forum community, and a career center where you can develop projects that showcase your skills and allowing students to interact with each other.

5 courses


Yes, Treehouse is affordable. The price of its monthly subscription is $25. Even if you only visit the site once a month, it's worth it. However, if you go ahead and use their discount code, you can get an even better deal or save some money hence be able to study your dream course.

Is Udacity Nanodegree Recognized?

This is a question asked by many people who are interested to learn online courses through Udacity. I did my research for almost a month to find out if their nanodegrees are accredited.

At the time of writing this review, Udacity is not accredited by any US higher education accreditation body. Udacity's Nanodegrees are also not accredited. This means that each Nanodegree is different, and if a student wishes to apply for a job that would be taken seriously, he or she needs to go to an employer who recognizes Udacity degrees or simply find a degree that is recognized.



Treehouse vs. Udacity, which one is better? Bottom line, Treehouse offers more features and options than Udacity, and there are some advantages, such as higher-quality course content. However, both institutions are excellent for coding and other courses. You can use our comparison to decide which platform is the best for your needs, but don't forget to check out our Udemy VS Lynda review, as well, to get insight into more online learning options.

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