Treehouse Course Review | Guide to This Popular Online Design and Coding Platform

Looking to learn a new skill or have some fun? Why not try out a Treehouse course? Treehouse courses are becoming more and more popular, offering a unique way to learn new things while enjoying yourself.

The good news about Treehouse is that it has something for every beginner. Treehouse has complete guides for beginners and tech degree students seeking skill sharpening-EVEN TEAMS!

Moreover, you'll be ready to hit the market after training, whether as an individual or a team. How? The projects will help you construct a robust profile by helping you attain the Tech skills you seek.

But before you venture into Treehouse, you could use a course review. Is Treehouse worth it? What topics does team Treehouse offer? Who are the partners for Treehouse for Teams? Therefore, keep reading to familiarize yourself with the Treehouse course review focused on Treehouse for Teams.

What Are Treehouse Courses?

Treehouse is an online design and coding platform which makes information about the tech industry accessible to everyone with an interest and network connection.

With Treehouse, your dream of acquiring tech skills will come true in the comfort of your home and at your own pace.

The platform has a course library of over 300 online courses and has more to come. Plus, it grants access to workshops, bonus series, and conferences on tech subjects. And, there are options for carrying out skill sharpening.

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Treehouse also offers trucks, tech degrees, Team Treehouse, bonus content, etc. We will review the Team Treehouse. But first, have a look at this Treehouse's history.

A Small Treehouse History

Treehouse began in 2011, founded by Ryan Carson. Their grandest online courses involve Game Development, Website Development, and other tech development products.

So Treehouse offers specialized online courses that focus on the Tech industry to learners seeking professional skills in the IT fields.

Most students on this platform are from Europe and the U.S. . Plus, Treehouse borrows from the founder's design of Treehouse enterprise, which is the company's business in Florida. 

Back then, Carson offered video tutorials which he later diversified into offering virtual technological services.

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Are Treehouse Courses Good?

Treehouse is a beginner-friendly platform. Anyone who wants to learn with video-based instructions will find Treehouse a good choice. However, for some advanced learners and those who prefer text-based instructions that require less explicit guidance, Treehouse may not be for you.

However, the Treehouse has a seven-day free trial for a tech degree learner or anyone who wants to choose the basic plan. In this Treehouse review, we'll focus on Team Treehouse Reviews.

Team Treehouse Review

Treehouse works with individual groups to create custom programs fitting the team's needs. So what's the Team Treehouse Course all about?

Team Treehouse is a part of Treehouse offering online programs designed for skills. You can upskill, onboard, or cross-train your team via this branch of the Treehouse.

Once you acquaint yourself with the courses available, you can enroll your team and have a 7-day free trial to assess if the lessons are legit.

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Team Treehouse Partners

Treehouse partners up with renowned brands through efficient training exercises to ensure your team gets competitive skills. Their partners include

  • NASA National Aeronautics and Space Administration- responsible for space technology and science.
  • HubSpot- HubSpot is a company that sells inbound marketing software. Such include SEO tools and content management tools, among others.
  • San Francisco Library- San Francisco Library has equal and free informational access. It offers knowledge and independent learning. Plus, you will find free articles, ebooks, and much more learning resources on their website.
  • Atlassian. Atlassian is a software company that deals with collaborative teamwork. It helps teams discuss, complete, and organize shared work.

Topics for Your Team

Team Treehouse courses elevate teams' careers, work, or individual skills. Consider the following topics for your team.

  • Javascript
  • PHP
  • Ruby
  • CSS
  • Android
  • Design
  • HTML
  • Business tools
  • Java web development
  • Python
  • Digital literacy
  • Databases
  • APIs
  • Data Analysis
  • GO Security
  • Quality Assurance
  • Computer science
  • EDI
  • Security
  • Learning resources
  • Latest Skills and others
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The Team Pre-assessment Tool

Individual team members have different skills and skill levels. Therefore, Treehouse has a compass tool that helps you determine who will begin from ground level and who will not.

Therefore, team Treehouse works with your team, helping the advanced workers test out the topics they already know. You will save resources and time because it offers personalized online training with in-depth code reviews and basic plans.

So your team will have both basic and pro plans.

What Does the tool do? After team enrollment, each team member takes a couple of questions. For instance, what does CSS stand for? 

The good news about the assessment is that you can pause the evaluation for whatever reason or give the honest answer of "I DONT KNOW."

Of course, the correct answer is among the four solutions provided in each question. But the questions are based on the course offerings of the course videos.

Activity Reports Monitoring

Treehouse for Teams has an option for activity reports monitoring. Here, you export after analyzing the team's metrics. Therefore, the feature lets you ensure that every team member gets the most from the Treehouse for teams.

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It offers you options for daily, weekly, and monthly customization. What exactly do you analyze? The page has a graph that shows the number of active members each day over a specified timeline, say, a month.

For instance, if your team needed skill-building in real-world projects to gain experience, or they undertook a full-stack javascript course or any other course.

The Activity Reports Monitor helps you know the number of assessments taken, the fonts, quizzes, and badges. The aim is to make each member reap maximum benefits from the course.

Custom Tracks

What if you already know what your team needs? In that case, you can create a custom track for your team. Team Treehouse tracks are openings where you create custom curriculums aimed at the team's specific tech stack needs.

Treehouse offers learning experts to counsel you about the team's curate and goals. Afterward, you'll, hopefully, be in a better position to choose the best course for your team.

Therefore, the custom tracks contain your choice courses—for instance, design courses like Usability Testing and Sketch Basics. Say you have acquired a new tool like GITHUB, or you want REST API. Then choose GitHub Basics or REST API plan.

Also, you can choose to endorse your team with how the computer works and the internet basics. You'll include such a curriculum in the Treehouse tracks.

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Who Is Team Treehouse For?

Treehouse for Teams is for everyone. Anyone in your team requires more technology skills daily, whether front-end web development, code challenges, learning tracks, or other high-quality courses your group wants.

Moreover, online learning with Treehouse for Teams has on-demand interactive training for all teams. Download a training guide and learn what tech skills could mean for your team in the development, marketing, support, new hires, and management.

Also, check out the Treehouse course catalog for individual courses. For instance, you can take a full-stack javascript tech degree, HTML, CSS, APIs, data analysis, etc.

Treehouse Prices

Unlike other online learning platforms, Treehouse offers free courses, whether a Treehouse tech degree like a front-end web development tech degree or a team enrolment. It is free in the sense that you won't pay for specific classes in the category of payment choice.

That means you'll pay a monthly subscription in three modes of choice. The basic plan costs $25. It's a beginner-friendly web developer's option. You'll access videos, student forums, and code challenges for skill sharpening. Additionally, the basic plan comes with a free seven-day trial.

Then you have the premium option of $49 a month, which has no trial but has bonus content and perks. The premium option comes with more materials and bonus workshops, and you can download the videos for offline viewing.

The third option is a tech degree that costs $199 a month. The tech degree has real-world projects, a custom curriculum, peer reviews, a Slack channel, and a final exam. Moreover, it comes with a free seven-day trial.

Team Treehouse Pros

  • Highly interactive through code challenges, quizzes, practice sessions, and workshops in each lesson.
  • Options for assessment after completing courses through a leaderboard.
  • Treehouse offers a 7-day free trial for premium and tech degree learners.
  • Ease of making future decisions through reviews, emails, and notes, which helps you make decisions about your team curriculum.
  • Videos have the option for lecture control enabling learners to play the lecture videos at different speeds.
  • Available autogenerated transcripts for the learners who prefer written options to videos.
  • Learners can download videos for offline viewing.


First, you cant have the seven-day free trial before providing your credit card credentials. But you won't incur any charges.

Second, Treehouse is not accredited. The learning programs are not accredited, whether it's developing mobile apps for android or iOS development. You can check out Coursera if you need an accredited online platform.


Are Treehouse Courses good?

Treehouse Courses are an excellent option for beginners who prefer videos. The majority of the videos adhere to basic concepts. Therefore if you are looking for preferential and textual instructions or less explicit learning, then Treehouse is not for you.

Consider Treehouse alternatives like Udemy or Coursera. However, explore and maximize the Treehouse Techdegree or the basic plan 7-day free trial.

Are Treehouse Certificates Worth It?

Treehouse tech degrees are five in total. They include:

  • Front end Web development where you'll learn tech skills like web design, android development, etc
  • Full-stack javascript tech degree
  • UX design
  • Python Development
  • Data Analysis

These courses promise to offer learned knowledge and help them gain experience in their fields. So, yes, they are worth it.

Is Treehouse Recognized?

Sadly, no. Treehouse has no official accreditation. So, is Treehouse legit? No, it's not.

What's Better: Codecademy or Treehouse?

Beginners find Treehouse better, while intermediate programming language learners or those who need video-based coding courses find Codecademy better because this online coding school has incorporated both intermediate and complete beginners.

Treehouse offers visual learning and interactive exercises to the learners. Codecademy also has an interactive experience but without video instructions.

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Wrap Up

Treehouse is an excellent choice for beginners who want to develop interactive websites or teams who want to be tech industry professionals. That's because Treehouse has different course varieties ideal for beginners.

Treehouse is ideal for code learning. Plus, it makes learning awarding enjoyable and sweet. And, getting help from fellow team members or students, and teachers is easy. Carry out the 7-day Treehoude free trial and share your experience with us, Happy team Treehouse coding!

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