MasterClass vs Skillshare | Popular Online Learning Platforms Compared

It is no doubt that Skillshare and MasterClass are among the most preferred online learning platforms. Both platforms have a range of courses offered entirely online to a diversified learning audience. Note that each platform has its features, courses, advantages, and downsides. 

Therefore, determining which of the two best suits your learning curve can be challenging. This guide aims to help you choose the best learning platform for the best learning outcome.

This article is an in-depth MasterClass vs. Skillshare review. You'll learn about both platforms, their teaching style, packages, cost, features, online classes offered, and who the platforms best suit. 

MasterClass vs. Skillshare - Quick Comparison

Platform /Skillshare / MasterClass

Pricing /Affordable / Less affordable

Free subscription / Free courses available / Not available

Training essentials / No additional resources / Additional resources like workbooks available

Course nature /Beginner-oriented / Courses are advanced

Best for /Fine arts, creative writing, photography, illustration skills /personal development

Pros /Wide breadth of topics, free courses available, competitive pricing /World-leading expert instructors, High-quality video production, Competitive pricing.

Cons /Quality of class content can vary /Courses may not equip you with instantly useful skills.



The MasterClass is a popular online learning platform offering a varied range of courses from programming to real estate. It was introduced in 2015 and has renowned experts and world celebrities as trainers. 

The main skills the platform aims to enact to its learners are creative skills applicable in various fields. The MasterClass learning platform also has an exclusive pricing plan that gives you access to more than 100 online courses.

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Skillshare's online learning platform was established in 2010 in New York. It integrates several courses, which can be curated by any professional to share with the world. Their instructors are professional experts in specific fields, but, unlike MasterClass, celebrities aren't part of their instructors.

The pricing of Skillshare courses is different; prices vary from course to course as not all courses are similar. However, they are high-standard courses, though not as detailed as Masterclass courses. You can access more than 35,000 programs on this platform. Besides, their courses have short schedules, between 10 minutes to 2 hours.

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MasterClass lessons are well-structured with an in-depth learning experience. These lessons have a 10-minute teaching time, depending on the subject. In addition, PDF workbooks and other sourcebooks supplement the studies. Students also engage in creative assignments.

Some of the popular courses the platform offers are as follows.

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Skillshare lessons take different structures and formats as different instructors mold them. As a result, they can be as short as five to ten lessons per course, though they can extend to 30 short lessons.  

An exclusive student community also lets students interact and share feedback with other students.

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MasterClass has high audio and video quality than Skillshare. They also have resourceful workbooks to help you with your assignments and projects. The Masterclass also has a quick lists section where you can find all relevant online courses depending on what you want, saving you lots of time.

The self-paced courses on MasterClass let you schedule when and how you will complete the courses. In addition, you can stream the program on any device, including your phone, tablet, TV, or computer.


Skillshare has exclusive workshops where the course instructor shares helpful learning resources for the student aid. The platform also allows anyone to teach a course. You also enjoy video annotation, a feature that is lacking in Masterclass. You can also stream your course on your device like the TV, tablet, phone, or computer.

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MasterClass has an exclusive pricing plan which grants you access to a wide selection of courses at a fixed price. You can access all courses on the platform for only $180, billed at $15 per month. This means you can access more than 100-course materials, which you can take simultaneously. These courses are from different niches. Therefore, the best approach would be to consider all niches in your weekly studies, allowing you to learn at least four skills in a month.


Skillshare has different pricing plans which offer flexibility. Below is a closer look at the various plans.

  • The annual plan is billed at $13.99 per month and $168 annually. This plan is the recommended one.
  • The monthly basis plan is billed at $32 per month. This option should be your ideal plan if you're looking for a budget course.

No matter your pricing plan, you will get unlimited access to all courses on the platform. Besides, you'll enjoy a one-month free trial package.

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User Interface


MasterClass has a well-organized interface that ensures ease of use. The platform will ensure they understand what you want and direct you to the best results. For example, you will be asked about your gender when getting started. You also have the option to opt-out of this dialogue. The second screen will ask if you want to learn everything the platform offers, specify your study area, or specify the particular course you intend to learn.

Depending on your choice, the platform will respond accordingly, fetching all relevant results for you. You can then proceed from there, as guided on the screen. For instance, a specific class option will display the given class, and you can proceed from there.


Skillshare presents an easy-to-use interface to get you started with ease. It lets you sign up for an account using Facebook or Google. Note that the account is free. However, you may run into several issues while attempting to create your account. For instance, it once took me to the checkout page, where I was asked to pay for the annual class package. I encountered this problem while creating my account.

Besides this issue, the interface is user-friendly, and you can easily access the available course.

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Teaching Language


MasterClass offers classes primarily in English. However, there are English classes with German and Spanish subtitles.


Skillshare allows teaching their classes in almost any language as anyone can teach a class. However, the majority of the Skillshare community are native English speakers. Therefore, most classes are hosted in English. However, these classes have Spanish, Dutch, French, English, and Portuguese subtitles.

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Deciding on which e-learning platform suits you depends on your primary need and preferred field of study.


It is ideal for the following group of individuals:

  • Experienced professionals or amateurs as the course are not beginner-friendly.
  • You like studying while referring to guidebooks, workbooks, and case studies.
  • You like firsthand study from real field experts like celebrities.


Skillshare is an ideal platform suited for the following group of individuals:

  • Beginner learners with less knowledge about the study area.
  • Learners who would like to get knowledge from different professionals.
  • You want to learn new practical skills but on budget.
  • Teachers intend to create a course for students' access worldwide.
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Key Takeaways


MasterClass has more detailed and organized courses than Skillshare. There are also guided sourcebooks that help the learners master the course concept. In addition, the fact that celebrities are part of the instructors gives you a chance to learn firsthand from real field professionals.

The platform also gives you access to student sessions, case studies, and exclusive content to better understand the course. In addition, the interactive community hub allows you to interact with instructors for clarifications.


When considering extensive learning, Skillshare may not be the best option as they have unstructured lesions, which can bring confusion. They also have an average of short learning video lessons, which may lack the required depth. Besides, they don't have additional learning resources to supplement studies.

However, what most people love about Skillshare is its affordability. It also encourages direct interaction between learners and course instructors for more personal experience.

Main Differences

The main differences between MasterClass vs. Skillshare are:

  • MasterClass has world celebrities as their course instructors, while Skillshare is taught by professional experts who are not celebrities.
  • Skillshare has free classes, while MasterClass doesn't offer them.
  • MasterClass aims to teach and guide you through the course concepts, whereas Skillshare tests you to determine if you have the right skills.
  • Skillshare has a one-month free trial package, while MasterClass does not have such.
  • MasterClass has a well-structured class format with in-depth insight into the course, while Skillshare has varied course structures depending on the course.

Skillshare Vs. Masterclass - Which One Should I Choose?

After an in-depth review of both platforms, we arrived at the following verdict. MasterClass is better than Skillshare for several reasons. The platform has well-structured classes and provides workbooks, case studies, and high-quality classes. 

The platform allows you to take several courses simultaneously without extra money. Moreover, its instructors are famous world celebrities with firsthand experience in the subject matter.

However, Skillshare excelled in the fact that they offer courses at affordable rates. They also engage in different languages and subtitles.

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Is It Worth Paying For MasterClass?

MasterClass is worth the $180 per year price. The platform gives you access to unlimited courses with well-structured classes and in-depth insights. However, it may not be worth it if you are not an avid learner.

Is Skillshare a Waste of Money?

Skillshare is not a waste of money. The platform lets learners learn a wide topic range from different professional experts. Moreover, the courses are quality and are taught through high-quality videos.

Is MasterClass a Good Way to Learn?

Yes. It ensures lifelong learners access skills through different subjects taught by different experts. In addition, it acts as the basis for professionals to cultivate and widen their skills.

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