Is Web Development a Good Career? | Courses to Become a Web Developer

Are you looking for a career with a higher pay grade or want that which has freedom of work? Is web development a good career to count on? With the increasing population and employment demand, web development still stands out among the top 5 best careers in the United States and globally.

Key Takeaways

  • Virtual companies and industries hire web developers daily.
  • On average, web developers make $76,000 annually with chances of getting even higher pay rates depending on seniority.
  •  More than 70% of web developers work full-time.
  • Web development is easy to learn and master.

Among the ways of evaluating a good career choice is to know everything about it. Here in this article is everything you need to know about web development, its specializations and web development courses to take you through. Read to learn more.

What is Web Development?

Web development is creating websites, and web developers create websites. If you consider yourself a website developer, you should have the necessary skills to develop web apps for phone and computer devices.

Before designing a website, the decision-maker, web designer, and developer meet to determine its purpose; they then form a plan and design the frame and code. This process may not succeed without working with other members like graphic designers, UX designers, and specialists on search engine optimization. Also, full-stack web developers play a crucial role.

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Is Web Development a Good Career for You?

You might want to become a web developer because there are a lot of chances to earn higher pay. Besides, you can work from anywhere while offering an excellent work-life balance. Although web development jobs are broken into many specializations, the best thing is that most of their jobs are the best career choices in terms of benefits, web developer's salary, and advancement opportunities.

Web developer’s specializations include:

Front-end Developer

Front-end web developers deal with user experience, engagement, and interface. You usually use the front end whenever you interact with a website. Front-end developers use programming languages like Javascript, CSS, and HTML to make the front-end application a success. The end of a website deals with visual aspects. Therefore, developers should understand the layouts, topography rules, and color theory.

Back-end Developer

Back-end developers deal with the application part that users don’t see. They create codes that enable communications between the browser and database and ensure the proper functionality of the site. The back-end process mainly includes cybersecurity, automated testing frameworks, network scalability, and server configuration.

These developers usually use various programming languages like Python, PHP, and Java to make the work a success. They also create a seamless user experience for an end-user of the application.

Full-stack Developer

A full-stack developer knows everything and understands what is happening in the front-end and back-end of the application.

Generally, full-stack development involves developing program software for website applications' front and back end. They mainly implement their skills to create a seamless user experience. To be a full-stack developer, you should be well in server configuration, database, and user interface.

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What Do Web Developers Think About Working in Web Development?

Among the ways of evaluating a career choice is to know what people say about it. Generally, web developers have a challenging task, but with the right team and the correct skills, the whole process of website creation could be fun.

Here are reasons why people like acquiring web dev skills.

  • Web developers create valuable solutions
  • You never stop learning
  • The web development team is always supportive
  • The creative work is always engaging
  • The working process can be fast-paced.

Courses to Become a Web Developer

The web development process is not a success without having the necessary skills. Learning web development and becoming successful in it, you need to identify the area you want to specialize in before enrolling in a program. Here are recommended courses to help you build your skills and perfect your career choice:

1. The Web Developer Bootcamp 2022

Do you want to learn the ins and outs of CSS3, HTML5, Modern JavaScript, and many more? This course is among the best if you want to become a successful website developer and make real web applications using the right cutting-edge technologies. At the end of the learning, you’ll be able to create beautiful, accessible, and responsive layouts. This course will help you identify and prevent security exploits like XSS and SQL-Injection. This course offers full-stack skills, and you’ll be able to create your website from scratch. You will become a real web expert and a successful web developer.

2. HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for web developers

In this course, you will learn the basic skills and tools to use that every web developer needs to know. You will start learning the implementation of modern web pages using CSS and HTML. Then you’ll advance to learn how to code web pages. Here you’ll know how to resize and rearrange webs based on the user’s screen.

A competent web developer can create websites for both computers and mobile phones. This course will help you achieve all that using powerful coding languages like JavaScript. Using JavaScript, you can build a fully functional web application that will use Ajax to show the server-side functionality and the end-user data.

3. Angular- The Complete Guide (2022 Edition)

This course will help you take your web development career to the next level. Web development has and will continue to exist as technology and software development advance. Here in this course, you’ll learn and be able to develop complex, modern, scalable, and responsive web applications using Angular 14. You’ll learn the full overview of the angular application and its architecture. You’ll also learn front-end development skills of angular fundamentals with modern JavaScript frameworks.

4. Introduction to Front-end Development

This course is the best if you want to start and become a web developer. You’ll learn the daily responsibility of a web developer and have a general understanding of the technology behind the internet. In the end, you’ll be able to create a fully functional front-end website and the applications to include for an easy and well-maintainable website. This course will introduce and increase your skills in CSS and HTML. You’ll also learn modern UI frameworks like React and Bootstrap. These will help you create interactive user experience websites. Generally, by the end of this course, you’ll be able to:

  •  Explain what is react
  • Use HTML to create a webpage
  •  Describe the role of a front-end developer
  •   And use CSS to control web page appearance.

5. Build Responsive Real World Websites with HTML And CSS

Do you want to learn how to build a responsive real-world website using modern programming languages like CSS and HTML? This course is right for you. This course is among the best if you want to become a successful website builder. This course will help you become confident in using HTML and CSS. You’ll learn how to use the language in coding and have deep knowledge of its interpretation. You’ll be able to design and build real-world websites, which will help you find a job within the shortest time possible.  You’ll deeply understand HTML5 and CSS3.

6. Introduction to Web Development

You cannot become a web developer without having the necessary skills and a general idea of websites. If you’re new to web development and want to build a successful career, this course will help you achieve your dream. In the end, you’ll know the web structure and its functionality. Also, creating a successful website comes hand-in-hand with understanding how to use HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. Therefore, this course will take you through all that and be able to select appropriate web hosting services, create HTML forms, and help you publish web pages.  Ultimately, you’ll know how to develop a working model to build your business and personal websites.

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Are Web Developers in Demand?

Yes, web developers are in demand due to the shift in industry and company services, especially the increased need to improve companies offering mobile services. The job opportunity has grown, with over 70% of the U.S working full time in web development careers as full stack developers, with less than 20% working as part-time freelancers. Stack web development is among the best careers on the web. However, the employment trend is an excellent chance to increase since most industries and companies offer services virtually.

Is Web Development Difficult?

Web development is not a difficult career. JavaScript, HTML, and CSS are readable and easy to master, so it won’t take you more time to master the code and interpret them. For instance, a HTML use <t> for title, <p> for paragraph, <h1> through <h5> to stand for heading. So once you master the coding languages, writing and reading won't be difficult. The same applies to CSS and JavaScript; they are both easy to learn and master.

Is Web Development Dying?

No, web development is not dying. It is around and constantly growing as technology advances. It has and is evolving; it has changed over the years from a statistics website to a more complex business website. Otherwise, you cannot say web development is dying, but it would be best if you consider it evolving. 

On the other hand, programming has become the cornerstone of the web development career, essentially, one should learn to code. So, despite the ever-changing world, web development stands out among the existing career options.

Are Web Developers Making Good Money?

Yes, web developers make good money. Even if you decide to pay for over three years of college to learn, web development is still worth it. If you want web development skills, there are many ways to get there. You can decide to save money to enroll in an online class. You do not need to undergo a four-year study to become an expert unless you want to rise to a senior web developer. A good web developer makes an average of $76,000 annually.

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