Great Learning Review | Courses in Machine Learning, Data Science, AI & More

The Great Learning Academy has more than 1000 free online programs in various disciplines. The institution's professional and higher education reputation has seen it admit more than five million learners worldwide. I believe Great Learning is the best online learning platform in machine learning, data science, web software development, artificial intelligence, business analytics, cloud computing, and many more.

I prefer Great Learning for free courses and certifications due to their high-quality learning content. Every course curriculum has well-structured content for efficient deep learning. Besides, their programs are interactive, giving the learners first-hand experience in their learning process.

The Great Learning Review below covers everything you need to know about the platform, including its programs and how to enroll for the said courses. Read through for more.

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Great Learning Review - What to Expect

Great Learning, a platform that prioritizes learner experience, has career-relevant programs tailored to develop aspiring learners into professionals. You can learn data science, machine learning, cyber security, artificial intelligence, and cloud computing, among others, at Great Learning Academy. There are more than 1000 courses you can enroll in. The institution ensured we were involved in hands-on projects to put into practice the skills we had acquired.

One thing I love about these free courses, many of which are technology courses, is that they are self-paced, which lets me finish them conveniently. The course structure involves regular lectures through live learning sessions and video lectures, after which we had quizzes and tests. On completion, we got our completion certificates. 

Popular Free Courses

As I said earlier, Great Learning has a great selection of free online courses. Below are some of the popular free courses on the platform.

  • IT and Software

  • Artificial intelligence

  • Data science field

  • Cloud computing

  • Machine learning

  • Digital Marketing

  • Management

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IT & Software

Great Learning is aware of the ever-changing technology. That's why they have prioritized IT and Software in their programs. Learners who wish to master the art of coding and be part of the technological-driven world can venture into this program. You'll learn Python, Angular JS, Android Studio, JavaScript, and many more.

Artificial Intelligence

I recommend this course to aspiring AI engineers, Big Data Engineers, AI Data Analysts, Program Managers, and AI Developers. I also recommend it for those in the Business Intelligence field. The program covers everything from the introduction to the most advanced concepts. So it has got you covered at whatever level.

Data Science

Great Learning ensures all aspiring students study data science course materials through their online learning platform. The course will make you a pro in creating algorithms, modeling, and predicting results.

Cloud Computing

The Cloud computing course will teach you data analysis skills, Application Programming Interface, and many other technical skills. You'll learn the value of data and how to secure it. You'll also become a pro in data accountability.

Machine Learning

If you understand the actual value of Machine Learning skills, you'll not have a second thought about enrolling in this free certification course. This program will teach you all concepts of Machine learning. By the end of the course, you'll understand Probability, Scikit Learn Library, Linear Regression, Visualization Tools, Descriptive Statistics, Pandas, Python, and many more.

Digital Marketing

Great Learning is the ideal platform for a free Digital Marketing course. Enrolling in this course allows you to acquire all the relevant skills you need for marketing in this digital era. By the end of the course, you'll understand all marketing techniques better and implement the most viable techniques.


Great Learning has a wide range of Management courses. The courses have in-depth structures to ensure graduates coordinate and supervise others efficiently to achieve the organization's goals.

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Great Learning Application Process and Interviews

Great Learning has one of the most straightforward application processes among the online learning platforms I have encountered. For instance, there aren't any eligibility criteria. Anyone qualifies to be admitted. However, requirements may vary depending on the course you choose.

For instance, you need a bachelor's degree in a related field to enroll in the applied data science program. I also learned that you need a letter of recommendation, English proficiency approval, and a statement of purpose.

On the other hand, I suggest you have prior statistics, programming, and math knowledge to enroll in Artificial Intelligence and machine learning.

In addition, some programs require an interview before you get admitted. The interview is supposed to determine your eligibility for a particular course. Also, you may ask any questions regarding your program. My program didn't have an interview. Instead, my application was screened to ensure I met all set requirements.

Great Learning Review - Benefits

Great learning has several benefits, as follows.

  • The platform offers an industry-relevant curriculum. I was delighted to learn that all programs were industry-relevant. The courses are crafted by industry experts who best understand your career needs. Learning these courses prepared me well for my career.
  • The programs use hands-on projects and demos. Many free courses on this platform are technology courses. The platform uses hands-on practicals to help Great Learning students better understand concepts. In this way, I learned how different technologies work, and I was able to apply them to solve real-world problems efficiently.
  • Great Learning has interactive live sessions. While most courses use video materials for study, some incorporate live sessions. Through these sessions, I had a chance to interact with industry experts, allowing me to get first-hand experience. I have stayed up-to-date with the latest trends in my field by asking questions and getting insights from experts.
  • At the end of the course, there is a completion certificate. While you might have the necessary skills, it might be hard for your prospective employer to prove this. By adding a course completion certificate to your LinkedIn profile, prospective employers can see you have the relevant skills, increasing your chances of securing a job. That's how I secured my first job as a program manager.

Great Learning Review - Downsides

Despite the Academy's many benefits, they also have a few downsides, as shown below.

  • While most courses are self-paced, some, on a busy schedule, can be challenging to complete.

  • More than one instructor teaches some courses. While this feature can diversify my experience, it can also confuse me as I have to adapt to a new teaching style every time a new instructor shows up.

  • It would be much better if the platform included Natural Language Processing (NLP) in its programs. But I'm in no doubt that they will incorporate it soon.

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Is Great Learning legitimate?

Yes, Great Learning is legitimate. The platform offers industry-relevant courses for in-demand programs across the technology field. Industry experts collaborate with Stanford MIT Professional Education, the National University of Singapore, Executive Education, and the University of Texas at Austin to craft the courses the Academy offers in its programs.

Is It Worth Learning in Great Learning?

Yes, learning in Great Learning is worth it. The platform is the leading global edtech company with industry-relevant programs. While there is no exact salary figure for Great Learning graduates, my salary as a program manager increased by more than 50% after graduating from Great Learning Academy. Also, the platform prioritizes learner experience.

How Do I Get Accepted Into Great Learning?

You must submit your complete application to get accepted into Great Learning. You also need to meet all the requisite requirements before being accepted.

Is Great Learning Free?

Yes, Great Learning courses are entirely free. You won't pay any additional fee. However, you'll need to pay for a subscription plan. You can go months or choose an annual subscription plan. You'll pay at least $24 per month for the monthly plan, while for the annual plan, you'll pay $15 every month.

You can pay for your Great Learning studies through bank transfer, PayPal, Credit or debit card.

Is Great Learning Hard to Get Into?

No, getting into Great Learning isn't hard. The application process for free courses is simple and has few requirements. However, I learned from the Great Learning alumni that some courses, like advanced certificate and postgraduate courses, might be hard to get into. You'll need prior knowledge in a related field to get accepted here.

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