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Fullstack Academy is a New York-based tech BootCamp that offers online programs for various fields. Among programs, Fullstack academy addresses are cybersecurity, product management, web development, data analytics, and DevOps.

The Academy began operations in 2012 up to date. Over the years, the institution has built a reputation for its high-quality courses. It prides itself in offering Grace Hopper Program, an engineering program for non-binary students and women.

I can attest that the majority of programs in the institution are beginner-friendly. I also loved its flexible schedules as I could balance career development and attending to other commitments.

This Fullstack Academy review aims to open your mind to discover the endless opportunities with Fullstack Academy. By taking a program at this Academy, you get quality career training and reliable job search support that has helped students land jobs in the tech industry. Find more on the Fullstack academy reviews below.

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Fullstack Academy Review: What Does it Offer?

Fullstack Academy includes several tech courses, both online and in-person. Among the programs you can enroll in are data analysis, cybersecurity, and coding boot camps. The majority of courses require prior coding knowledge, either intermediate or advanced. What I love about their programs is that they cover everything from the introductory part to more advanced content.

I also realized that most programs at Fullstack take approximately 10-28 weeks to complete. Upon admission, I was supposed to choose between part-time or full-time studies. I had a workload of 20 to 45 hours per week throughout my course.

I had unlimited access to career resources throughout my program. I retained access to these materials even after I finished my program. We were also encouraged to create GitHub and LinkedIn profiles for job search purposes.

Fullstack Academy Courses

You can consider a range of courses, including prep courses, software engineering courses, and cyber boot camps. Below are their details.

Fullstack Academy Prep Courses

While joining Fullstack, I had very little coding knowledge. The management staff advised me to start by enrolling in a prep course. Prep courses are ideal for new learners with little to no coding knowledge. Taking a prep course before your Bootcamp will ensure a smooth learning process once you start your Bootcamp. Also, my chances of being accepted for the BootCamp increased by succeeding in my prep course.

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Below are some of the prep courses Fullstack academy offers.

  1. Cyber OnRamp – This 25-hour prep course introduces learners to Linux. You'll need this course before taking a Fullstack Cyber Bootcamp.
  2. Hacking 101 – This free prep course is ideal for cybersecurity learners. It introduces the learners to coding and hacker operations.
  3. Bootcamp Prep in a Week – This prep course helps learners master coding better. It is the ideal prep course to help prepare for Grace Hopper and Fullstack assessment courses.
  4. Bootcamp Prep in a Month – This prep course is similar to the Bootcamp prep in a week. However, it has a more moderate pace to help students understand each subject well.
  5. Intro to Coding – This course covers all the essentials of coding. The course is free of charge and also self-paced. The course helped me understand better CSS, HTML, and JavaScript concepts.
  6. Online Bootcamp Prep – This prep course has pre-recorded video lectures available online. It is also self-paced for learners' convenience.
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Software Engineering 

This immersive software engineering course takes learners through all software engineering concepts. You'll learn how to use JavaScript to develop a website. It is available both online and in person. You also could have this course full-time or part-time. The full-time study takes 17 weeks, while the part-time study will take 28 weeks.

Fullstack Cyber Bootcamp

The Fullstack Cyber Bootcamp is an in-person program the Academy offers to fast-track the growing Cybersecurity field. This course taught me automation, networking, Python, Linux, and many others. 

It took me 17 weeks to complete the course.

What's the Application Process for Fullstack Academy? 

I recommend the following process when applying to enroll for a course at this Academy.

  1. Submit your application to Fullstack Academy.

  2. Complete the online coding assessment.

  3. Participate in the technical and behavioral interviews. You'll do this interview on Skype.

  4. Wait for a few business days for application processing.

However, you need prior knowledge of intermediate or advanced JavaScript, Python, or any other programming language to be admitted to Fullstack. If you lack the necessary prior programming knowledge, I recommend you start with a prep course.

After successfully passing my proficiency diagnostic test, the board invited me for an interview. The interview took one hour and was done online over Zoom.

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How Much Does Fullstack Academy Cost?

My Fullstack coding Bootcamp cost me approximately $17,000. This cost is for the online program. However, in-person programs may cost approximately $15,000 to $17,000. In addition, if you take a prep course before enrolling for the Bootcamp, you'll spend at least $200 more.

However, the tuition fee is not constant for all programs. Depending on the course load, format, and length, they may vary significantly.

There are shorter comprehensive career preparation programs (CCPPs) that cost less (a median of $8,500). These programs usually take from one to eight weeks to complete.

In addition, some Bootcamps have accelerated and self-paced variants, which may vary in cost.

How to Finance your Fullstack Academy Studies

Fullstack accepts several options you can use to finance your Bootcamp. Below is a close look into them.

  • Scholarships

  • Loan financing

  • Income share agreements (ISAs)


While attending Fullstack Academy, the scholarship was my best option as far as Fullstack academy Bootcamp payment was concerned. Fortunately, Fullstack has several scholarship programs, as follows.

  • Full scholarship. Eligible to the black community, including African-American students.
  • Edie Windsor scholarship. Caters for half the tuition of women, LGBTQ, and gender-nonconforming students.
  • VET TEC scholarship. Eligible students get a $1,000 sponsorship.
  • The $1,000 scholarship. Eligible to nonbinary and female students who pay their fees upfront.

Income share agreements (ISAs)

Income share agreements allow students to pay their tuition fees once hired. You use part of your income to pay your fees. Therefore, you won't need to pay upfront fees. I learned that any student who prefers this method must have a $2,000 enrollment deposit.

Loan Financing

If you struggle to pay your tuition fee at once, consider loan financing. Fullstack partners with Ascent Funding and Climb to offer loans to students. You may get up to $336 loan amount per month.

Is Fullstack Academy Worth It?

Yes, Fullstack is worth it. Its Bootcamps are worth it for learners who would love to become cybersecurity professionals or software engineers.

The Academy has produced graduates who have excelled in the data science and computer science career fields.

Fullstack also has a wide range of programs available both online and on-campus. Their well-structured courses ensure learners master the concepts well for a successful career. Those who have limited time may opt for part-time self-paced schedules.

Fullstack Academy Pros

The following are the pros I enjoyed while undertaking my Fullstack program.

  • The programs are available online.
  • Classes are flexible to fit into my busy schedule.
  • The career success team helps Fullstack Academy graduates land well-paying jobs.
  • It has well-structured deep course coverage that helped me develop from a student to a professional developer.
  • The programs are also up-to-date.I took advantage of the Fullstack hiring day to get my first job.
  • Fullstack has experienced and well-supportive staff who helped me navigate my Bootcamp conveniently.

Fullstack Academy Cons

  • While there is a hiring job, landing a job is on your own.
  • One thing I recommend is for Fullstack to incorporate TypeScript in their programs.


Is Fullstack Academy Legit?

Yes. Fullstack Academy is legit and offers legitimate Bootcamps. You can enroll in a legitimate data analysis, engineering, and cybersecurity program.

Is It Hard to Get Into Fullstack Academy?

No, it is not hard to get into Fullstack Academy. However, it has a rigorous admissions process, which would require you to pay attention. Things may seem difficult as its acceptance rate is only eight percent.

Is Fullstack Academy for Beginners?

No, Fullstack Academy is not for beginners. Most programs the Academy offers require prior coding knowledge. However, beginners can first go through the prep courses, which will prepare them for the respective Bootcamps.

Is Fullstack Bootcamps Worth It?

Yes, Fullstack Academy Bootcamps are worth it. These Bootcamps equip learners with relevant skills within the shortest time possible. Also, most employers of leading tech companies like Google regard these Bootcamps positively and value Bootcamp grads. In addition, Fullstack Academy graduates earn high salaries in career services, with a median of approximately $85,000.

Is Fullstack Academy Accredited?

No, Fullstack is not accredited by the United States Department of Education accrediting body. However, the Illinois Board of Higher Education approves its Bootcamps.

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