Full Stack Developer Job Description | Roles, Responsibilities and Career Outlook

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Full stack development is steadily becoming one of the most sought-after jobs in the tech market. After all, why would an employer hire both a front-end (client-side) and a back-end (server-side) developer when they can hire one team member capable of addressing both aspects of the web and software development process and bridging any disconnections … Read more

VBA Vs Python | Which Programming Language Between the Two Should You Go for and Why?

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If you are into programming and machine learning, you may have come across to use of VBA and Python programming languages.The most challenging task is choosing the most appropriate programming language for you. There is no shortage of programming languages in the market. Among the popular programming courses are Python and VBA programming languages. Each language … Read more

What Does A Business Intelligence Analyst Do? | Is a Job in BI for You?

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Are you passionate about using data to influence decisions and development? If yes, you can consider becoming a business intelligence analyst.In an organization or business, growth doesn’t just happen. It is a result of calculated decisions, strategies, and informed decisions. Such decisions and strategies are taken after collecting data, studying trends, and analyzing data.So, how … Read more

Business Intelligence Developer | Collect and Analyze Data to Make Crucial Business Decisions

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Have you ever wondered how the government intelligence agencies, such as the FBI, work?The agencies work by collecting intelligence within and outside the organization. They acquire the information from people, places, and various sources to come up with data that helps to unearth a situation.If you are in business, you also require intelligence to help … Read more

Visual Basic Functions | Everything You Need to Know in One Simple Tutorial


Visual Basic is one of the best programming courses that’s quite simple to learn, yet, it’s widely used in so many applications like within Microsoft Office programs. Besides, it makes learning other languages miles easier because of how many similarities there are. The most prominent similarity among all programming languages is the usage of functions. … Read more