Udacity VS Coursera | Our Full Comparison and Guide to These Two Popular Online Learning Platforms

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Udacity and Coursera are two of the most well-known online learning platforms in the world. Both offer thousands of courses, taught by professors of the best universities around the world.What’s unique about these sites is that they aren’t based solely on instructors but on the course material they offer such as video material, written material, … Read more

Coursera Vs. Udemy | Which Online Learning Platforms Suits You Better?

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Taking an online course is a vital decision that requires serious commitment. Before you can invest your time and money in an online course, you want to be sure it is the best fit for your professional, academic, and personal needs.Udemy, Coursera and Skillshare are reliable online learning platforms. Whether you want to get a … Read more

Coursera vs Lynda | Which of the Two Online Learning Platforms Is Better for You?

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The internet has been giving us every resource available to widen our knowledge and skills without the need to go to schools. Still, with so many options, it’s hard to compare Coursera vs Lynda, Coursera vs. Udemy, Udacity vs Coursera, etc. Imagine choosing only one online learning platform from over a dozen other platforms.How do … Read more

Functions In SQL | Tables, Keys, Triggers, Procedures, Views, and User-Defined Objects.


What are SQL server objects? Besides tables and keys, can you have any other objects? What are user-defined functions, and how many types of functions can you get in SQL?If you are into programming, these questions must have crossed your mind. To use the SQL language effectively, you need to understand and familiar with the … Read more

Why Is Machine Learning Important? | How Computers Function Without Human Intervention

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Have you ever thought of how self-driving Google cars work? What about the online recommendations that you receive from various sites such as Netflix, Amazon, etc.? And how does fraud detection happen?If you are curious about how systems work, you must have wondered how computers function without human intervention. For instance, why do you get … Read more

Statistical Learning vs Machine Learning | The Similarities and Differences Between the Two Methods


If you work in computer science, data science, or other related fields, you’ve probably heard the terms statistical learning and machine learning before. Contrary to what some people think, statistical learning (or statistical modelling) and machine learning aren’t the same. While both fields of study are data-driven, there’s a substantial difference between them. In this article, … Read more

Java Vs. JavaScript | Similarities, Differences and Various Applications

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Are Java and JavaScript the same?For many non-tech people and beginners, Java and JavaScript are the same product. After all, they share the name “Java.”However, the name may be the only similarity between the two.Both are programming languages, and none is better than the other as programmers use both Java and JavaScript in various tasks. … Read more

Best Way To Learn JavaScript | A Thorough Guide To Learning the Scripting Language


Do you want to become a JavaScript developer? Do you want to learn javascript?If yes, the next step involves how to learn the scripting language.JavaScript is one of the most popularly used programming languages globally. Initially, the language was used to make web pages more interactive. Today, the programming language has expanded to include other … Read more

Entry Level Computer Science | Types of Jobs and Salary Outlook for Beginners


A bachelor’s degree in computer science can open up a whole new world of opportunities for you. With the massive advancement in technology and increased reliance on computers in virtually all industries, computer science majors are more in demand than ever.Contrary to popular belief, computer science education isn’t limited to teaching some programming languages like … Read more