Best Way To Learn JavaScript | A Thorough Guide To Learning the Scripting Language

Do you want to become a JavaScript developer? Do you want to learn javascript?

If yes, the next step involves how to learn the scripting language.

JavaScript is one of the most popularly used programming languages globally. Initially, the language was used to make web pages more interactive. Today, the programming language has expanded to include other tasks such as building static websites and web applications.

Becoming a JavaScript developer also makes you more employable as there is no shortage of jobs in the web development world both front end and back end. As such, more people are daring to learn the JavaScript programming language to become JavaScript developers. Also, this ''Java vs JavaScript'' review answers the questions that may have been bugging you.

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However, learning any programming language requires a lot of commitment, and it is also time-consuming?

So, are you ready to dive into the scripting language?

How Long Will I Learn JavaScript?

Well, setting a definite time to master a programming language can be a challenge.

Even while learning an ordinary language like English, mastering every aspect of it isn’t easy. Regardless of whether you have spoken English for a long time, you cannot say you know all the words. In the same way, it's difficult for JavaScript developers to understand every aspect of the programming language. However, you can gain mastery that will allow you to use the language effectively.

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Unlike HTML and CSS that can take weeks to learn, to become an expert using JavaScript can take months.

Experienced programmers say it will take around six to nine months to learn and understand JavaScript basics and be comfortable using it effectively.

However, JavaScript is a dynamic language, and it may take years to learn new skills and gain a deeper understanding of the language.

JavaScript is not hard to learn, but if you’re a beginner and just get started, it may take some time and takes a lot of training and reading before you get the mindset required for programming.

JavaScript is one of the easiest programming languages to grasp. These are the best online JavaScript courses available to help you learn the language at ease.

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JavaScript is frequently updated. Therefore, you'll need to keep abreast of all the updates throughout your career as a JavaScript developer. The  programming language also presents various methods to accomplish the same task, presenting a headache to programmers.

As you achieve proficiency in JavaScript, you'll start developing a programming mindset. As such, you'll have an easy time learning other programming languages. You may even start noticing a lot of similarities between JavaScript and other programming languages.

Why Learn Programming? 

Why do you need to learn programming?

Do you want to look for a good job using the skills you acquire? Is it a promotion you are looking for at your place of work? Or do you simply need web development skills to create a web page and use it on your website?

You should also consider what you want to do with the skill set. If you want to be a really good web developer, learning JavaScript is an excellent idea.

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However, if you wish to become a software developer or app developer, you may be better off with another advanced programming language.

Have you decided that JavaScript is the right programming language for you? So, what is the best way to learn the language?

Begin With an Online Course

If you do not have any knowledge of Javascript yet, the best way to start learning Javascript as a beginner we recommend is by enrolling in an online JavaScript short course.

An online course like Udemy is an excellent option and highly recommended if you don't want to lose any important information or you want to learn fast (see also Coursera Certificates).

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Learning JavaScript online comes with a lot of benefits, which include:

• Flexibility: An online Javascript course gives you the liberty to choose when you want to learn and where you want to learn. An online option is an excellent option for you if the traditional university computer science course doesn't work for you.

• Online courses teach using efficient ways: This makes them ideal for you if you have limited time to dedicate to the course. When you start learning, you'll waste no time, and you'll come out with much more by the time you finish the course.

• Affordability: Online courses are famous for being more affordable than the traditional classroom method. With an online course, you can access more resources and learning materials, and you don't have to pay to access them. You can get affordable or even free online courses from various platforms, including Udacity, edX, and Coursera.

If you decide to do an online JavaScript course, you should consider your style of learning. Do you learn by watching videos, by doing things, or through text-based tutorials?

Regardless of your style of learning, you'll get an online tutorial that meets your needs.

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For instance, you can consider the interactive JavaScript tutorial, which can be the best option for beginners as you get to practice what you learn immediately.

Online tutorials will give you the basics of JavaScript and how you can apply them in web development. You also get a chance to practice writing codes on your browser.

Through Physical Networking Events

Physical networking events are an excellent way of developing your JavaScript and other programming skills. At such events, you meet people who have similar interests in your programming area. You can eventually make contacts with other experienced people who can help develop your web development skills.

The physical networking events are also fun, and you get to meet friends who could end-up being your support network as you progress in your web development career.

You can also network with like-minded learners through Facebook groups and other meetup websites.

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Practice With JavaScript Exercises and Challenges 

One of the best ways of grasping a concept is by practicing it. You take the concepts you learn in the theory section and put them into practice. That way, the concept sticks in your mind better.

The same applies to JavaScript skills. When you start grasping basic coding skills, you should start practicing them. You can get Javascript challenges and exercises online, which you can use to practice. 

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The exercises allow you to practice developing programs with specific functions. You'll get a set of instructions that you should use to achieve a particular end-goal. You can also get guidelines that will help you as you practice.

You will have to use the knowledge you learn in your online Java courses to solve problems along the way. This allows you to practice your skills and also reinforce the knowledge you learn in the tutorials.

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If you have progressed well in your training and want more challenging exercises, you can visit HackerRank or HackerEarth. These are websites that offer various coding challenges for a variety of programming languages, including JavaScript.


Tips for Learning JavaScript 

The journey to becoming a master in the game is not a one-day event. It involves a lot of struggles and strains.

As such, a few tips to help along the way are always welcome.

Some of the tips you can employ in your learning journey include:

Practice Often 

After acquiring your skills, it's essential to find a way to retain them. Practicing is one of the best ways of retaining and building your skills.

It would help if you tried to practice writing codes and developing programs every day or as often as possible.

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Take Notes

Most people don't take notes, especially when doing online classes or reading books. This is a mistake you should avoid while doing your JavaScript online classes.

Taking notes allows you to grasp the main ideas, and it also offers you something to refer to when you want to revise. Taking good notes also helps to reinforce new knowledge.

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Follow Best Practices 

As you proceed with your journey as a web developer, you should know the best practices in programming. Some of the best practices you should make sure to retain include adding comments regularly and leaving the right white space.

If you pick bad habits as a beginner in programming, you’ll easily run into problems in the future.

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Start Writing Codes

After you learn the basics regarding JavaScript programming language, you should start writing your codes immediately.

You don't have to write complex codes. You should start with a simple idea and ensure you develop it to achieve a specific goal.

Some of the JavaScript projects that you can try writing about include:

• E-commerce billing calculator.

• A basic quiz game.

• A bill splitting system that can help split bills between friends.

• A photo gallery.

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If you want to be a web developer, then you need to learn the JavaScript programming language. JavaScript is not a complicated language to learn compared to other programming languages. 

However, it requires a lot of commitment. According to experienced programmers, it will take a beginner around six to nine months to learn the language and become comfortable to use it. 

Also, the learning process for JavaScript doesn't stop there as it is a dynamic language. It keeps on updating, and you have to keep up with the updates to remain relevant. Here, we have the best ways you can learn the programming language, especially as a beginner. 

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