7 Best Online Six Sigma Certification Programs Reviews in 2023 | To Improve Business Processes and Efficiency

A graduate's degree cannot guarantee you centrality in the marketplace today. Major league industries and organizations demand other credentials that can ascertain an individual's exposure to the required knowledge and skills because of the oversaturation of these degrees.

You need to take a different approach to stand out from the competition in the business world, and what better way to do so than with a lean six sigma certification. These enfranchisements are recognized globally by almost every industry and can give you a better competitive advantage for your career than a simple diploma.

Therefore, your mission remains to find the best online six sigma certification programs that offer in-depth training on this course. This article will guide you through finding the best six sigma certification online courses.

3 Top Online Six Sigma Certification Programs

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[Best Overall] 

1. Lean Management for Lean Six Sigma Training & Certification- Udemy

The Lean Management for Lean Six Sigma training and certification course aims to make learners learn management and manufacturing. They can then get a Lean Six Sigma black belt certification.


  • Affordable
  • Sufficient study materials
  • Fun and engaging

[Best for the Money] 

2. Six Sigma and the Organization (Advanced) - Coursera

The skills acquired in this program help improve business processes and efficiency. This program aims to introduce you to the purpose of Six Sigma and its significance to an organization.


  • Flexible deadlines
  • Shareable certificate
  • 100% online
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[Best Choice of Tutors] 

3Online Six Sigma Classes - SkillShare

Skillshare offers users the opportunity to learn Six Sigma and Lean Six Sigma courses from dynamic and engaging lessons. Since each instructor provides their version of Six Sigma programs, it's up to you to evaluate and select your most preferred tutor.


  • Diverse content
  • Easy to use
  • Community support

What Are the Best Online Six Sigma Certification Programs?

Six Sigma programs focus on quality improvement for both the individual and applied industry. The program equips learners with the techniques needed to identify any errors existing in a business process. These certifications can boost your chances of landing a job or climbing the corporate ladder and advancing in your field as a learner.

Before executing these principles, you need to find the best sigma training online courses to provide an efficient learning experience. Multiple online certification programs are offered on various platforms, thus, making it difficult for learners to pick the most suitable option. 

Worry not, because the following are some of the best online six sigma certification programs picked out just for you.

  • Lean Management for Lean Six Sigma Training & Certification- Udemy

  • Six Sigma and the Organization (Advanced) - Coursera

  • Online Six Sigma Classes - SkillShare

  • Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Training - Edureka

  • Lean Six Sigma Certification Training - SimpliLearn

  • Six Sigma: Define and Measure - edX

  • Certified Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Preparation - ASQ

Udemy is an online learning and teaching marketplace that equips students with new skills and lets instructors build their online courses. The platform offers various courses at affordable prices in multiple languages. It also incorporates learning flexibility without deadlines and guarantees students lifetime access.

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The Lean Management for Lean Six Sigma training and certification course aims to make learners learn management and manufacturing. They can then get a Lean Six Sigma black belt certification.

 This pathology aims to reduce waste and add value to the customer by applying lean practices and tools in Six Sigma.

The entire journey consists of the following levels:

  • Lean management and manufacturing training and certification
  • Lean Six Sigma yellow belt training and certification
  • Lean Six Sigma green belt training and certification
  • Lean Six Sigma black belt training and certification

Learning Expectations

  • Get certified in lean management
  • Apply the 5s methodology to redesign the working environment
  • Understand lean management and manufacturing and apply about 100 tools to identify and eliminate waste
  • Learn fast using unique teaching methods
  • Research the six Sigma DMAIC methodology
  • Develop basic experiments as part of the Six Sigma DMAIC
  • Apply overall equipment effectiveness in manufacturing or other services
  • Apply quality function deployment in the design of products and services
  • Identify and mitigate forms of waste or errors
  • Reduce process time to satisfy customer demands quicker
  • Improve supply chains



Target Audience

The methodology is effective in almost every industry, including manufacturing businesses marketing Healthcare or IT. It's also incredibly beneficial for individuals in management, auditor, and quality assurance positions.


No prior experience is required.


  • Vocal presentations
  • HD videos
  • Course notes materials
  • In-depth information


  • Affordable
  • Sufficient study materials
  • Fun and engaging
  • Highly practical
  • Accredited certification


  • Unorganized course materials

Coursera is a well-recognized online learning platform that offers individuals worldwide access to online courses and various degrees from Major League universities and organizations. The company also provides skill accretion and higher education to everyone at competitive prices. Trainees can learn new skills, get certifications, and enroll in full degrees on the platform.


Since the certificates offered by Coursera are provided by top universities worldwide, they hold significant value for the learners' future. If you're looking to gain in-depth knowledge of various skills that are engaging and fun, then Coursera is the way to go.

Coursera offers the Six Sigma and the Organization (Advanced) course to professionals looking to dig deeper into Six Sigma and expand their knowledge of Lean and Six Sigma green belt levels. The skills acquired in this program help improve business processes and efficiency.

This program aims to introduce you to the purpose of Six Sigma and its significance to an organization.

Learning Expectation

The modules in this program include videos, quizzes, and readings to help ensure trainees understand the material and principles taught. The course takes about five weeks to complete, with the syllabus involving various units such as:

  • Six Sigma and the organization - week 1

  • Lean principles in the organization - week 2

  • Design for Six Sigma - week 3

  • Project identification - VOC - basics of project management - week 4

  • Management and planning tools & business results for various projects - week 5



Target Audience

Anyone looking to learn more about advanced components Sigma and Lean Six Sigma.


  • No prior experience is required.


  • Practice quizzes

  • Graded assignment

  • Dreaded quizzes

  • Course videos and readings

  • Self-paced learning option


  • Flexible deadlines
  • Shareable certificate
  • 100% online
  • 16 hours to complete
  • Available subtitles in different languages


  • Basic learning material

[Best Choice of Tutors]

3. Online Six Sigma Classes - SkillShare


Skillshare is an eccentric online learning platform for the creative community and provides learners with the opportunity to learn all kinds of skills. It's also a marketplace where professionals with in-depth knowledge of a specific skill can create short course programs to help others gain information and sharpen their capabilities for a brighter career.

skill share logo on dark blue background

One of the platform's most distinctive qualities is the time frame for each specific task which is an average of about an hour. Busy individuals can use this feature to complete a quick course without sacrificing their time designated for other responsibilities.

Skillshare offers users the opportunity to learn Six Sigma and Lean Six Sigma courses from dynamic and engaging lessons. Since each instructor provides their version of Six Sigma programs, it's up to you to evaluate and select your most preferred tutor.

Some of the Six Sigma and certification courses you will find on the platform include:

  • Six Sigma white belt

  • Six Sigma yellow belt

  • Six Sigma green belt

Learning Expectations

The platform works on a self-paced learning system in which each class or tutorial video takes less than an hour.


  • Skillshare offers a 7-day free trial for its premium plan.

  • Monthly billing - $13.99

  • Annual billing - $167.88

Target Audience

This sigma courses up for anyone looking to acquire risk analysis skills and improve business and management processes.


  • Free classes

  • Learning by support

  • Shared learning experience

  • Short classes

  • Self-paced courses

  • Workshops


  • Affordable first learning
  • Diverse content
  • Easy to use
  • Community support


  • Annoying ads

Edureka is an award-winning E-Learning platform that offers online and offline training on various courses. It was founded in 2013 with the primary goal of providing high-quality education to everyone worldwide.

Edureka logo

The company also offers a unique system for continuing education. Edureka has partnered with major academic organizations, corporations, and top institutions to provide learners with 24/7 live interactive classes and adequate virtual support.

Professionals with an in-depth knowledge of any domain and a passion for teaching can also share their expert knowledge with learners as teachers on the platform.

Edureka was primarily an IT-based platform but currently also offers other domain courses. Prices also range from around $200 to $1000.

The Six Sigma green belt certification training program equips trainees with significant concepts for industry-based Use-cases and various projects.

Learning Expectation

Six Sigma green belt certification training is a self-paced program but gives participants the chance to enroll and start at their convenience. It also includes structured advanced training and various review exercises for better learning.

Trainees will learn through videos, PowerPoint presentations and work on assignments, projects, and other engaging activities made to enhance learning results at their own pace.

The curriculum includes the following phases:

  • Overview and define - Overview and complete history of Six Sigma

  • Measure - improvement metrics, data types, and data collection plan.

  • Analyze - data analysis and application of statistical techniques.

  • Improve - process improvement methodologies, cause identification, and finding solutions.

  • Control - control mechanism and tools.



Target Audience

The Six Sigma green belt training is suitable for anyone looking to apply statistical methods 20 business processes such as project management. It's also ideal for the following career style points:

  • Process development engineers operating system specialists

  • Business process analyst

  • Heidi project managers

  • Manufacturing engineers


  • Self-paced learning

  • Real-life case studies

  • Practical assignments

  • Lifetime access to a learning management system (LMS)

  • 24/7 expert support

  • Certification

  • Community forum


  • Live online training by industry-leading experts
  • Personal learning manager
  • Assured certification
  • Unique classroom experience


  • It only shows top positive reviews.

SimpliLearn is a globally recognized online Bootcamp and one of the world's top certification training providers. The platform aims at making knowledge and information accessible to all students at the learner's convenience and through self-paced study.


Simplilearn also combines different learning approaches, live virtual classrooms, effective teaching assistants, and practical project work to educate and nurture professionals in their fields.

The Lean Six Sigma Expert course allows students to master essential management methodologies from lean and Six Sigma to promote business improvement using DMAIC principles and other helpful tools like Minitab.

Learning Expectations

This program aims to help learners buster lean and Six Sigma principles to become the management professionals many major league organizations are looking for.

Lean management is the introductory course for this program as it explains how to optimize processes, increase quality, and boost business value.

Other stages involved include:

  • Lean Six Sigma green belt

  • Minitab

  • Lean Six Sigma Balck Belt

  • Harvard Business Publishing Case Studies for Lean Six Sigma

Once students have completed these stages, they are awarded the Master's Program Certificate.


$649 or $54.08/mo with Splitit.

Target Audience

The Lean Six Sigma course is not limited to any specific industry. Anyone looking to improve their business efficiency can apply this methodology.

Regular professionals that apply for this course include:

  • Project managers

  • Six Sigma professionals

  • Engineers

  • Quality control supervisors

  • IT analysts


  • No prior experience is required.


  • Practical projects

  • Simulation exams

  • Case studies

  • Live online classes

  • Master's certificate


  • Cutting-edge curriculum
  • 24/7 learning support
  • E-Learning content material for all courses included
  • Exclusive forums moderated by industry-leading professionals
  • Monthly mentoring sessions


  • Can be costly

edX is a massive open online course provider offering free online courses from Major League schools and institutions and paint certificates. This software platform combines top universities worldwide to provide in-depth knowledge to everyone globally.

logo green

The courses on edX equip students with the ability to upgrade their skill sets and build better resumes for their careers using self-paced learning for their busy schedules. Many of the courses on edX provide students with professional development units and certificates of achievement.

The Six Sigma: Define and Measure focuses on the Six Sigma methodology and DMAIC cycle to help understand sampling plans and calculate process capability.

Learning Expectation

The program is self-paced and estimated to last about eight weeks, with classes running for 3 - 4 hours per week. The first course helps students understand everything about Six Sigma and the steps involved in the DMAIC process.

Once the program is completed, students earn a Lean and Sigma yellow belt certification to prove the knowledge of Lean Six Sigma fundamentals to the greenbelt level.

Students will also understand the significance of a measurement system analysis in any Six Sigma Project and perform risk assessment through failure modes and effects analysis.

Furthermore, the program enables students to define and measure the various phases of the DMAIC cycle to identify errors and accurately assess process changes' effects.

Other associated programs in this course include:

  • Lean Sigma Yellow Belt: Quantitative Tools for Quality and Productivity professional certificate

  • Lean Six Sigma green belt certification


$99 (Verified Track)

Target Audience

The program is available to anyone looking to apply the Six Sigma methodology in their organizations, regardless of their fields.


No prior experience is required. Still, basic math skills are necessary.


  • Business and management subject

  • Video transcriptions

  • Graded assignments

  • Simulated exams

  • Free version available


  • Access to course materials
  • World-class institutions and universities
  • edX support
  • Shareable certificate


  • No certificate with the free version

The ASQ (American Society for Quality) is a global community of professionals that provide knowledge, international certification, and access to a vast network of information worldwide. ASQ has more than 140 countries as members and has established strategic Alliances with many organizations to provide various educational services and certifications to learners everywhere.

ASQ logo

The Certified Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Preparation course is a virtual program that uses real-world examples and activities to help students prepare for the certification exam. Rather than teaching, the course reviews concepts involved in the program and also offers the training course in face-to-face and on-site training. There's also online access to digital material for a year.

Learning Expectations

The course takes about 21 hours and is available to anyone be it a professional or practitioner. The course aims at refreshing the students' knowledge of the Six Sigma green belt certification and preparing them for the exam. Learners will be exposed to practice questions that are similar to the actual exam.


  • List: $824.00

  • Member: $724.00

Target Audience

Green Belts, six Sigma project individuals, and people looking to earn their Six Sigma green belt certification.


Green belt training or knowledge of concepts, tools, or methodologies.


  • Access to course content

  • Certification preparation handbooks

  • Live virtual format

  • Experienced instructor


  • Globally recognized certificate
  • Web-based learning
  • Printable course contents
  • Electronic books available


  • The course fee is nonrefundable after content has been accessed

Steps To Get Six Sigma Certified

Being six Sigma certified exposes you to a wide range of career opportunities. The following are steps you can take to become a certified Six Sigma professional:

Know the Requirements of Your Organization

Do they require a Six Sigma training credential, or can this certification boost your chances of a promotion at work? You must identify the necessary career requirements at your organization or the industry you plan on moving to.

Between Six Sigma and Lean Six Sigma

Six Sigma and Lean Six Sigma have similar goals. Nevertheless, there is a primary difference between these two programs. Six Sigma focuses entirely on the manufacturing process and how to make it better, while Lean Six Sigma aims at providing maximum customer value under the lowest investment. You can choose depending on the industry your organization is associated with.

Identify the Level Suitable for You.

There are various levels of Six Sigma certification, each of which plays different roles, and they include:

  • Six Sigma white belt

  • Six Sigma yellow belt

  • Six Sigma green belt

  • Six Sigma black belt

  • Six Sigma master black belt

You need to identify the career position you're currently in and choose the right level for you. You can also decide to master all levels to give yourself a significant competitive advantage.

Learn about the tests at each level

Every Six Sigma level comes with evaluation tests which include hands-on projects and written exams. Familiarising yourself with these tests puts you better positioned to pass the programs.

Enroll in a Training Program

Certification providers allow individuals to take the lean six sigma examinations without prerequisites. You must pay the examination assessment fee, and you'll be provided with a specific timeframe to pass the exam.

Still, it's best to prepare for the test by enrolling in an online Six Sigma training course.

You can choose any course provider suitable for your schedule and requirements. There isn't any official body that provides the training programs so that you can learn the same principles and methodologies from hundreds of companies online.

Get Your Certification

There are many certification providers in Six Sigma. You can either apply for it yourself or search for an organization that offers relevant resources for certification.

two persons with tablet and cellphone

Choosing a Sigma Certification Provider

The following are factors to guide you through selecting a suitable sigma certification provider for you.

Name Status

What is the status or recognition of the certification you are about to consider? Many people take on Six Sigma courses with the sole aim of earning more money. However, most employers would consider the name of the certificates before agreeing to a promotion. 

While there are many providers for these classes, only a handful have a reputation favored by industries in the marketplace. Therefore, you need to choose a provider whose name is recognizable in almost all Industries. 

Cost & Value 

Every Six Sigma certification provider offers specialized training for most levels, if not all. Yet, these lessons vary from one another, creating diversity in the materials used for learning and teaching methods. Furthermore, these certifications come at different prices. 

On-site classroom programs tend to cost more than online programs; thus, you need to choose a provider that offers the course at a rate suitable to you. Similarly, you must evaluate the quality of a course offered to its price to get the best value for your money. 

Learning Time-Frame 

Does the provider offer self-paced training lessons or fixed on-site classrooms? Many students prefer online learning because it allows them to study at their own pace, while others produce better results in on-site training with fixed-scheduled classes. 

You must consider your schedule and identify the provider whose training lessons give you enough time to work on other responsibilities. Always go through the provider's terms to clarify any concerns before selecting any Six Sigma course.

Learners' Reviews 

Most Six Sigma certification providers offer a feedback and rating platform. Fast learners can give their opinions on the classes and rate the lessons based on five-star criteria. 

It is wise to go through most of these reviews and learn once past students taught in the class. Reading reviews can help you identify the most popular courses and distinguish them from the lower-ranking lessons. 

Efficient Support System 

When you inquire about your training or need help with other services such as billing or reading material, your instructor might be occupied with another classroom. In such a situation, you will need alternative support from virtual providers. 

Therefore, ensure your prospective provider has a fast response time with feedback. You can always read reviews by other students regarding the customer support service on the platform or check previous inquiries by former students if available.

Training Material 

Review the training material offered by your respective provider to see whether it's sufficient to get you through the course. Furthermore, inspect the concepts, principles, and activities used in that specific level of certification. This information will help you know how broad and efficient the course offered and training material are.

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Is It Worth Getting Lean Six Sigma Certified?

Yes! Lean Six Sigma provides individuals and companies with the ideal conditions for improved efficiency in the marketplace and is worth the effort. Other benefits that come with this sigma knowledge and skills include:

Gaining a Competitive Advantage

In today's day and age, you must create individuality at your workplace since many businesspeople own graduate degrees. The business world is a competitive environment that requires organizational distinctiveness to survive and stand out. That's where six sigma certifications come in. 

Sigma certifications provide you with the essential principles required to climb the corporate ladder and maintain a favorable business position. These courses are recognized across multiple industries and approved by many businesses worldwide as working tools to help solve problems and upgrade individual techniques. 

Significance Across Multiple Industries

As many believe, the principles acquired from six sigma training courses are applicable across multiple industries worldwide, not just the manufacturing department. Six Sigma certified professionals can extend their careers into healthcare, information technology, Human Resources, financial and banking, and marketing

Therefore, you stand a better chance of increasing your venture opportunities in your career with this accreditation. 

Boosts Waste Reduction

The methodologies and techniques learned from a six sigma training course are applied in real life to help companies reduce errors in their processes and thus, decrease their wastage. These programs also provide the company with the necessary skills to help cut down production costs and time, thereby increasing marginal profits. 

An individual with authentic credentials of a sigma certification program will be placed at the center front of the team designated to lead the much-needed changes in an organization. 

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Business efficiency is not achieved without customer satisfaction. Lean six sigma principles are applied in customer relations to help collect consumer feedback and manage their complaints. This way, companies can work on reducing the present errors in their processes, increase the quality of their products and services, and achieve positive consumer feedback. 

Guarantees Standards Compliance

Today, various governments and industries have made it a habit to award contracts and employment opportunities using the lean six sigma metrics. The credentials from these lean six sigma courses ensure organizations are competent enough to adhere to their fields' proper norms and practices.

They also act as a standard of measure for various companies in a competitive environment. Hiring employees with a sigma certification creates a positive image for the company in every sector. 

Career Advancement

Six sigma courses provide individuals with industry-specific certification in their fields, allowing them to lead the change process in the designated organizations. These individuals are also offered senior roles where they can make major influential decisions because of their advanced knowledge of the sigma certification levels.

Furthermore, levels like the six sigma black belt give certified professionals the skills to train other employees in their search for performance efficiency. 

Admirable Compensations

A lean six sigma certification carries more business favor than a mere graduate with lower value due to its oversaturation in the marketplace. Sigma training courses equip individuals with an in-depth understanding of the knowledge and skills required to motivate the desired changes and attain high performance.

Therefore, six Sigma certified professionals tend to occupy higher levels of authority in a company and thus, are compensated admirably. 

Crisis Management

Take the COVID 19 pandemic, for example. Many companies closed down due to their inability to survive the pressure of a falling economy. On the other hand, some companies stayed alive and thrived even in the most unfavorable market conditions possible. Their success is attributed to the changes made and techniques applied during these challenging times to help keep the organization and its employees moving. 

The lessons and techniques acquired from Six sigma training allow a company to make the necessary adjustments in times of crisis. The DMAIC approach, for instance, can be applied in any industry to help define the existing problems, measure and analyze the risks involved, improve the processes, and control the situation while maintaining a successful streak.

These and many other skills can help in more than just an international crisis and are supported by almost every industry worldwide.

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Six Sigma vs. Lean Six Sigma: What's the Difference?

Six Sigma was designed to reduce the rates of valuations and errors in production processes using statistical analysis and two popular approaches known as DMAIC & DMADV.

On the other hand, the Lean methodology focuses less on the manufacturing process and more on providing maximum customer value with the lowest investment.

What Are the Six Sigma Certification Levels?

Six Sigma white belt - Handles basic six Sigma concepts, encourages organizational management change, and helps solve problems in various projects.

Six Sigma yellow belt - Deals with applying Six Sigma specifics and helps solve problems in projects.

Six Sigma green belt - Deals with advanced analysis of processes and solving problems on quality.

Six Sigma black belt - Provide training and lead projects.

Six Sigma master black belt - This is the highest level of Six Sigma certification. Professionals act as coaches to the previous belts, consultants, and strategic planners.

Which Online Six Sigma Certification Is Most Recognized?

IASSC is currently the most recognized online certification for professional Lean Six Sigma training. While other certifications are credible, IASSC is globally recognized and accepted because it offers an unbiased validation of the Lean Six Sigma methodology. The certificate is also profound on all levels, including:

  • Six Sigma green belt

  • Lean Six Sigma green belt

  • Six Sigma black belt

  • Six Sigma yellow belt

  • Six Sigma green belt

  • Sigma master black belt

Can You Get Six Sigma Certified Online?

Yes! Six Sigma certification courses and training are done online, allowing the students to participate whenever convenient for them. The online training classes strive to meet the demands of busy individuals using a self-paced approach instead of the complexities of real-time class sessions.

These courses educate individuals on examining work done and implementing the necessary changes to improve any available errors and defects. The materials required for these courses are also virtually sourced from either the sigma certification provider or the internet.

Students can also understand everything revolving around lean six Sigma with this self-paced technique and online studying. Furthermore, the six sigma exam and certification process are also done online for the student's convenience and for better record keeping.

What Is the Best Certification for Six Sigma?

The following are the best certifications for Six Sigma:

  • Lean Six Sigma Certification Training - SimpliLearn

  • Six Sigma and the Organization (Advanced) - Coursera - Coursera

  • Lean Management for Lean Six Sigma Training & Certification- Udemy

  • Online Six Sigma Classes - SkillShare

  • Six Sigma Certification Training - Edureka

  • Six Sigma: Define and Measure - edX

How Do I Get My Six Sigma Certification?

You must identify a suitable Six Sigma course provider, enroll in a specific certification course, and pass the designated exam. Nevertheless, some certification companies do not require you to sit for an exam to get certified.

Is There an Official Six Sigma Certification?

There is no standard or official certification for a Six Sigma course. Many certification companies will claim to hold the official accreditation for Six Sigma certification, but, in the real sense, there is no official regulation body.

Though, specific certifications are widely respected and recognized, including IASSC (International Association for Six Sigma Certification), ASQ (American Society for Quality), and the Lean Sigma Corporation.

How Long Does It Take to Get Six Sigma Certification?

It all depends on the time taken from the first class to the end of the exam. Most Six Sigma certifications take about six months to complete. Still, students learning in a self-paced time frame might take longer to get certified than those registered under on-site training with fixed scheduled classes.

Students can even complete the training in hours and take the exam to get certified in some cases.

Must You Sit In the Exam for Certification?

No, you don't have to sit in the exam for certification. Yet, you must complete a live project before accreditation. You might also need to handle exams to earn Continuing Education Units (CEUs) and Professional Development Units (PDUs).

Will I Get Certified After Completing My Training

You will get a training certification to prove that you successfully handled all the program activities. The Six Sigma certification only comes after passing the exam.

What Is a PMP Certification?

A Project management professional (PMP) certification is a widely recognized and accepted accreditation that evaluates the trainee's capability to manage others, business goals, and the various project processes.

This certification is suitable for project management in every field, including business, health, construction, and information technology (IT).

A professional with this certification applies various tools and resources to achieve the triple constraint in every project, on-time project completion, within the designated scope, and under the expected budget.

The PMP certification is offered through a regulating body called the project management institute and various degrees of utility.

Is a PMP Certificate Worth It?

Yes! Getting a PMP certificate is worth the effort because it can open many career doors for you that lead to rewarding opportunities and compensation. You shouldn't just take the course for the money alone. It should be a consideration to help you improve your career and personal growth.

PMP vs. Six Sigma: What's the Difference?

Project management aims at conducting successful projects, while Six Sigma focuses on eliminating errors and waste in processes, cutting down on production costs, and promoting efficiency in the workplace.

Which Certification Is More Valuable: Six Sigma or PMP?

Both the project management professional certificates and Six Sigma certificates complement each other. Lean Six Sigma focuses on changes in the process, while project management deals with applying the learned principles for the success of a project.

You need to self-reflect and evaluate your long-term career. It all depends on where your interest lies. For example, if you want to lead others towards implementing a project, then PMP is suitable for you. On the other hand, if your interest lies in identifying and analyzing problems to find possible Solutions, a Six Sigma certification will help you get the job done.

Alternatively, you can opt for a dual project management certification to get Six Sigma and PMP accreditation. This way, you get a competitive advantage for positions that usually require only one of these certifications and improve your hiring potential for positions that need both.


Six Sigma certification helps you stand out in a saturated and competitive marketplace. With the accreditation and principles at your fingertips, you are destined to climb the corporate ladder or land yourself a job because it significantly boosts your resume.

The best part is, and like a four-year graduate degree that has less magnitude in the business world today, your Six Sigma certification will take you less than a year to complete. Therefore, before choosing a course provider, ensure you do your research to get the best value for your money.