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The real estate industry is growing. The number of real estate agents and brokers is expected to keep rising as more people show interest in real estate. But, how do you become one? The most common way of becoming a real estate agent is through the formal education system. Here, you need to attend a higher learning institution to take the course. But, do you know you can enroll for this course for online classes?

3 Top Online Real Estate Classes

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1. Udemy

It is the platform you can rely on for learning new ideas and sharing what you already know. Udemy has learners and instructors from all over the world, showing its diversity in the education sector.


  • Instructors with experience in real estate matters
  • Affordable
  • Wide selection of real estate courses
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2. Coursera

The platform has more than 5,000 courses on offer from various top universities. The good thing with Coursera is that you are guaranteed a professional certificate upon completing your course.


  • It offers more than 2,000 free courses with zero charges
  • It has a mobile app
  • The platform has partnered with more than 200 top universities 
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3Income School

Edureka Excel VBA Certification Training is a good way to go if you want to become a Microsoft Excel expert and looking to get a career in that field because this is a very advanced course.


  • High success rates in its previous years
  • The school offers genuine programs
  • The frequent updates on courses

The online real estate classes offer a wide selection of courses for current and to-be real estate agents and brokers. You can rely on these classes for pre and post-licensure classes and continuing real estate courses. In addition, these classes provide more than just real estate courses as they ensure you access industry resources, the go-about of renewing your real estate license, and many more.

Several online real estate schools are offering real estate classes. These schools have schedules and teaching approaches that vary from each other. Therefore, choosing the best one for your need may be challenging. That's why we have selected and provided an in-depth review of the nine best online real estate classes you can enroll in.

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How to Become a Real Estate Agent

To become a real estate agent or broker (licensed), you must pass through the formal education system. You are supposed to learn real estate principles, legal framework, and real estate industry application. You can either enroll in a known real estate-offering institution or enroll in an online class to access these topics. In whichever case, you must go through a pre-licensing class. In the case of online classes, you'll spend not less than 170 hours to complete this class.

You then need to do the state exam after completing the scheduled classes. Many online classes offer a test prep course to ensure that students pass these examinations, which empowers you with the necessary tools needed for the exam.

What Are the Best Online Real Estate Classes?

The best online real estate classes are listed below.

  • Udemy
  • Coursera
  • Income School
  • Skillshare
  • Edureka
  • Linkedin
  • Udacity
  • Simplilearn
  • edX
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We have this list of the seven best online real estate classes based on pass rates, clients' ratings, learning charges, availability, and many more factors. Each of these real estate schools is a verified and licensed school you can rely on for your real estate course.

Let's review them in detail.

Best Online Real Estate Reviews

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1. Udemy


Udemy is the top online class you can rely on for real estate courses. It is the platform you can rely on for learning new ideas and sharing what you already know. It has learners and instructors from all over the world, showing its diversity in the education sector. Whatever interest you have in real estate, we have a course that best suits you. It doesn't matter your learning style.

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The platform can engage learners and instructors from all over the world, for it offers its classes in 75 native languages. Furthermore, the instructors are practicing realtors in different fields, so you are assured of getting quality courses from experienced instructors.

The platform aims at helping learners at individual levels achieve their full potential in the real estate sector. Also, they strive to help real estate organizations and companies thrive in their investments by empowering them with the necessary knowledge and skills.

Here are quick facts about Udemy you should know.

  • Udemy has enrolled more than 49 million learners in their online classes.

  • It has more than 64,000 instructors.

  • It has more than 185,000 courses.

  • It has recorded more than 680 million course enrollments.

  • It supports more than 75 native languages.

The platform offers a wide range of real estate courses, as listed below.

  • Real Estate investing

  • Real Estate

  • Construction

  • Real estate marketing

  • Property management

  • Real estate flipping

  • Real estate leads

  • Real estate leads

  • House buying

Real Estate Investing

This course has more than 867,369 learners pursuing the course online.

Under this course, you'll learn:

  • Introduction to Real Estate. It entails investing fundamentals for rental properties, evaluation of rental income, and investment opportunities. The course will cost you $84.99.

  • How to invest in real estate without owning property. The topics you'll learn here include Real Estate Investments Trusts, Mutual funds, Real Estate Notes, Peer Lending, and more. The course will cost you $84.99.

Other topics you'll benefit from this course include:

  • Real estate wholesale analysis deal at $24.99.

  • Multifamily real estate investing at $49.99.

  • Mobile home parks, RV parks, and real estate 101 investment at $49.99.


  • The platform offers real estate courses in diverse languages ensuring learners from all over the world access them.
  • Their real estate instructors are practicing professionals who have experience in real estate matters.
  • Udemy has a wide selection of real estate courses, ensuring you get what best suits you.
  • The real estate courses Udemy offers are more affordable than other online classes


  • Udemy does not provide a certificate upon completion of your real estate course.

[Best For The Money]

2. Coursera


Coursera is, without doubt, one of the best online classes you can enroll in for your real estate pre-licensing classes. The platform has more than 5,000 courses on offer from various top universities. The good thing with Coursera is that you are guaranteed a professional certificate upon completing your course.

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Coursera's diversity of real estate courses extends across more than 200 certified universities such as Stanford and Imperial College London. It has also partnered with top companies like Google and many others in ensuring its courses reach a wide variety of learners across the globe.

The platform has free online real estate courses and business real estate courses. The free courses are free to join, but the more informative and detailed real estate courses are in the business category, and you'll incur a charge. You can enroll in either and take advantage of one-day free courses.

The outcome of any online real estate class is what matters most. In this case, Coursera has a success rate of 87%. These figures should delight you as you are guaranteed of either starting your real estate career, promotion to a higher ranking, or viable investment.

Coursera has partnered with Arizona State University, and O.P. Jindal Global University offers the following real estate courses.

  • Real Estate investing
  • Real estate finance
  • real estate development
  • Commercial real estate
  • Real estate broker
  • Extended learning for real estate price prediction
  • How to increase real estate management profits (data analytics)
  • How to create real Estate Instagram posts in Canva
  • Construction management for beginners from Columbia University.

For ease of access of the online classes, Coursera filters their online courses based on Language

  • Learning level

  • Learning duration

  • Specific subject

  • Target skills. Marketing, entrepreneurship, business analysis/evaluation, and leadership and management.

  • Partner

  • Learning Product


  • The platform has partnered with more than 200 top universities to provide quality real estate courses.
  • It offers more than 2,000 free courses with zero charges.
  • The platform offers their real estate programs at affordable charges than in-class programs.
  • Coursera guarantees quality in all real estate courses as its instructors come from top universities and organizations.
  • Coursera has a mobile app that lets you access learning materials when you're offline.


  • The free courses Coursera offers have no professional certificates.

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3. Income school


Income school is the ideal school you can rely on for your advance online real estate courses. The school suits those who wish to start online real estate ventures. The school conducts its programs online through website development and Youtube channels. The most common program you can enroll in is the project 24 system.

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Project 24 encompasses video courses resources to learn from. Their program covers both early real estate course materials and advanced programs. They primarily teach you how to start an online real estate business through YouTube and Website blogging.

The school has a group of experienced instructors in the real estate business and blogging. They implement their courses in a step format involving videos. 

Each video is a continuation of the previous one and a description of the next video. The instructors will teach you everything, from the basics, including setting up your real estate business, doing successful blogging, making videos, improving the SEO of your articles for a higher search engine ranking, and so on. The good thing with this program is that you can customize when and how you learn these courses, for they are all available online.

What to Learn From Income School

The school has several courses aimed at building and ensuring the success of your online real estate venture. The school will teach you about the following:

  • Writers' hiring and training process. Conducting your real estate business online through a website requires a lot of quality blogging. This program will help you select the best writers to get this job done.

  • Best SEO optimization tools. An optimized SEO will help get traffic to your website. Project 24 lets you learn the best tools and ways you can use to ensure the SEO of your articles are high, increasing the ranking of the article in the search engines.

  • Site Monetization. Besides helping you get more traffic on your website, this program will also help you convert the traffic into real cash.

Enrolling in a class in this school will need you to pay $449 for the first year and a subsequent annual fee of $249 for the additional years.


  • The school has registered high success rates in its previous years.
  • The frequent updates on Project 24 courses ensure learners are updated with current and evolving trends.
  • The school offers genuine programs essential in real estate professional development.
  • Their courses meet the required standards ensuring competence and success in aftermath real estate ventures.


  • The program lacks some essential on-page SEO tools.


Skillshare is a New York-based e-learning platform that offers a wide selection of courses, including real estate courses. It was founded in 2010 by Malcolm Ong and Michael Karnjanaprakorn. The school offers more than 41,000 online courses for beginners, professionals, and entrepreneurs. It boasts more than 8 million learners who have enrolled in these online classes.

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The school is optimistic about enabling its learners to go through online courses. Therefore, they offer financial aid and scholarships to eligible learners. They also give annual membership subscribers refunds (given within a week).

The following illustrates how your Skillshare subscription will cost.

  • Starter package. This package allows you to team up between five and forty-nine members. It costs $159 per learner and an annual bill.

  • Enterprise package. This package allows you to have more than twenty members in one group. The cost is custom depending on the number of learners in a single group.

  • Revive Package. This plan allows more than fifty members in one team. Its price is customized depending on the team size.

These team packages are billed annually with no monthly subscription option.

There is also a subscription plan for individuals (Skillshare premium). This plan will cost you $167.88, and you will have access to more than 41,000 courses. There is a 7-day free trial on this plan.

The school also has a scholarship program for bonafide learners. If you secure a scholarship, you will have 50% off your subscription plan. Members eligible for the scholarship are UK workers, college, and University students.

To access the course materials, you need to have an account. Luckily, the procedure for opening a Skillshare account is simple. Follow the steps listed below to register your account.

  1. Open Skillshare.com on your browser.

  2. Go to the Sign-in option and select it. This option is at the top right corner of the interface.

  3. Choose the Sign-up option.

  4. Select how you would like to register. You can register by email, Facebook, or your Google account

  5. Check the confirmation email the school sends you.

What Courses Does SkillShare Offer

Skillshare has a wide selection of real estate courses, including:

  • Real Estate investing

  • Real estate photography

  • Real estate agent

  • Real estate marketing

  • Real estate startups

  • Commercial real estate

  • Real estate career

  • Real estate contracts

  • Real estate sales

Some of the most common specific real estate topics these courses cover include:

  • How to make a real estate website with WordPress 2017.

  • How to excel in Real estate investing (step-by-step guide on how to flip and fix).

  • How to get started with real estate photography.

  • The core strategies, tools, and mindset for sophisticated real estate investing.

  • The concept of real estate debt financing (Money, finance, debt, and interests)

All real estate classes are grouped depending on the specific class level. Ther is the beginner, intermediate, and advanced level classes. The program further divides its classes based on duration. Therefore, you can enroll in classes of less than 15 minutes, 15 - 30 minutes, 30 - 60 minutes, and over 60 minutes.


  • Skillshare courses are affordable.
  • Its premium membership plan has a 7-day free trial which lets you gauge if the program is the right resource for you.
  • It engages the community making it interactive.
  • The school has varied real estate courses and topics, which boosts creativity and professionalism in Real estate investing.


  • The school offers no certificates after your course completion.


Edureka is one of the fast-growing online classes you can rely on for your real estate courses. The school has more than 43 different qualifications, real estate being one of its most successful ones. They have deep course coverage with their real estate course resources available online. Besides, they have 24/7 learners' support.

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You can enroll for a real estate course in this school for between 6 hours to 6 months. In addition, you'll pay between $100 to $1,000 depending on the course you choose. Luckily, most of the real estate courses are affordable.

All real estate courses the school offers are guided by experienced instructors. Other than approved course materials, the instructors also use students' projects and real-life applications to help nurture real estate professional skills.

The school boasts of high success rates, majorly due to the efforts they have put in play. They keep updating their study resources. The instructors are experienced in the various real estate sectors they tackle because they are practicing professionals. Their dedication also has a role in the general success of their learners.

What Are the Edureka Charges?

Edureka implements its online real estate classes in three different plans; starter, business basic, and individual monthly subscription plans. Let's take a look at each of them.

  • Starter plan. This plan will cost you $399.00 per year per user. It has Core library access, API access, and Skill & Role IQs.
  • Business Basic plan. This package costs $420.00 per year per user. It has additional features like unlimited courses, quizzes, practice exams, a Cloud playground, a management portal, and career learning paths.
  • Individual Monthly plan. This package will cost you $59.00 per month per user. Its features include access to learning resources such as practice exams, quizzes, virtual labs, and videos.

To make their classes affordable, the school has a mid-month madness discount of up to 30% on all courses.


  • Edureka has flexible class hours that let you schedule your classes at your convenience.
  • The classes have dedicated and experienced teachers who are practicing professionals in the various real estate fields. This feature ensures you get quality course resources.
  • They have a certificate upon completion of your course.
  • The real estate courses the school offers are affordable.
  • They have quality course coverage, with high success rates, as seen in the learners' reviews.


  • The program has unreliable customer support.


LinkedIn is the top-choice network for learning, networking, and professional development. The platform, founded in 2003, provides wide coverage of topics and areas of interest to its subscribers. Any individual aged 20 years and above with career aspirations are eligible for a LinkedIn account, which is free to open. This platform has many benefits, with the right tools for starter, professional, and aspiring professionals. Therefore, it would be ideal for your real estate professional courses, no matter your skill level.

LinkedIn logo

LinkedIn learning is more than an online class platform. The platform has other features too. You can use it to post your jobs, seek a job, learn new skills, explore your topics of interest, and connect with other professionals. The network allows you to keep in touch with colleagues, employers, employees, professional teams, and new opportunities.

To access and use LinkedIn, you need to set up an account. The setup process is easy and free. You'll need to draft a profile that resembles a resume. You need to upload your email address, password, and profile photo. Some other essentials of the profile are your job titles, skills, professional affiliations, and work experiences. You can also incorporate multimedia into your profile for articles and video showcasing. An important reminder is that you need to complete setting up your profile to 100% to get more out of the site for a better overall experience.

After setting up your profile, you can link with other professionals. You can do so by importing their names from email or uploading a .vcf file.

The platform has a mobile app compatible with iOS and Android Operating systems, allowing you to access them through your mobile phones.

How LinkedIn Can Help You

LinkedIn has several applications, including:

  • Learning Real Estate Courses and related skills. The platform has essential course materials for real estate study. Learners can enroll in these online classes at their convenience. The courses are ideal for starters, intermediaries, and advanced real estate professionals.

  • Finding a suitable job or internship opportunity. LinkedIn has links to several jobs and internship opportunities you can opt to take advantage of. However, you must have an official LinkedIn account to access these opportunities.

  • Get more traffic to your website. Approved members with LinkedIn accounts to post their jobs and businesses on the platform. This practice exposes their jobs and businesses to a large audience, increasing traffic to their websites. Subsequently, more people will know about their businesses and probably convert to paying customers.

  • Connect with other people, colleagues, and professionals. LinkedIn is also a social tool that will expose you to several other people. You can, therefore, use the platform to learn new ideas and skills from professionals and other players in the real estate industry.

LinkedIn has four payment plans; premium career, premium business, sales navigator, and recruiter lite versions.

  • Premium career. This package is for those seeking jobs. It costs $29.99 per month and supports three InMail messages.

  • Premium business. This package is for accessing your topics of interest. It costs $59.99 per month and supports 15 InMail messages.

  • Premium's Sales Navigator. This package is basically for lead generation. It costs $79.99 per month and supports 20 InMail messages.

  • Premium Recruiter Lite. This package supports many features like unlimited search, integrated hiring, candidate tracking, and much more. It costs $119.95 per month and supports 30 InMail messages.


  • LinkedIn has more uses and applications on one interface.
  • The platform has authoritative learning materials for successful real estate training.
  • The platform provides internships and job opportunities to fresh graduates once you finish the course.
  • You can add multimedia files to your profile.


  • The platform has too much email communication.


Udacity, the American company, is the destination for learners and young professionals who aspire to achieve success in their field of specialization. It was discovered by Sebastian Thurn, David Stavens, and Mike Sokolsky in 2011.

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The company partners with top companies like Microsft and Google to ensure its learners get the best experience possible. Their implementations and dedication have seen them clock more than 12 million learners from its establishment.

The company offers courses on various areas of interest through its online platforms. It implements its classes in two different formats; single-paid courses and nano degrees. 

Additionally, the program consists of three to ten single-paid courses with details on a certain subject topic. Most single-paid real estate classes take one month to 6 months to finish. However, the nanodegree programs take a bit longer.

Udacity's real estate courses are meant to enact practical skills useful in your future real estate ventures and career. The lessons will help you gain the right employable skills based on real-world projects.

Udacity Versions

There are three Udacity versions; Udacity for individuals, enterprise, and government.

  • Udacity for Individuals. This Udacity version is ideal for individual learners who wish to acquire practical skills in their professional journey.

  • Udacity for Enterprise. This version is ideal for organizations' setup. The company customizes the program based on your company's needs and expectations. It works well with small to large companies with more than 5,000 employees.

  • Udacity for Government. Udacity offers this program to governments to narrow the citizen's skill gap, boost the economic muscles of government through job creation, and eradicate dependency.

What Are the Audacity Charges

There are two ways you can pay for your Audacity enrolled courses; monthly payment and All Access payment.

  • Monthly Payment. This payment plan allows you to pay $399 every month for your nanogram program.

  • All Access. If you opt for this payment method, you will pay a one-time fee for the whole nano degree program. If you complete the course and decide to go on, you can switch to the monthly payment for the additional months.

If you have lots of time, you should consider the monthly payment method because you might pay lesser than the scheduled total if you complete the course early. Select the All Access payment method if you can't afford extra time than the stipulated daily period per course.


  • Udacity has quality standards as they craft their content around practicing professionals.
  • The platform has more than 200 free courses.
  • You will earn a professional certificate after completing your Udacity real estate courses.
  • It has a user-friendly interface for seamless navigation.


  • The platform doesn't have a compatible app.


Simplilearn is the leading online Bootcamp for advanced online classes. Since its establishment, the company has helped many learners see a successful career path. It focuses on enacting skills and the relevant knowledge to learners to ensure they succeed in their careers. The program entails online classes in real estate courses and related disciplines. The common courses are real estate investment, real estate finance, and economic real estate.


The company offers certificate courses, postgraduate programs, and master's programs in their online classes. They have won awards in individual courses, certificate programs, and role-based training programs. 

The company also has an established reputation as they partner with authoritative universities such as Perdue University, Caltech center for technology and management education, UMass, and Isenberg school of management. The company also has partnerships with leading companies like Facebook, Microsoft, IBM, and Amazon.

Instructors are industry practitioners with years of experience in their respective practice areas. They also have learning resources from online laboratories, case studies, and practical projects. The company also has full 24/7 support, ensuring learners get the best experience.

The company poses high success rates based on its records statistics. Success includes securing a new job or getting a promotion.

The charges you incur on your Simplilearn real estate enrollment in Simplilearn can be expensive or affordable, depending on the qualification. You may pay between $79 to $5,000 for a course on average. However, the majority of the courses cost about $1,000.


  • Simplilearn has affordable real estate class charges.
  • It has flexible class schedules, allowing you to attend it at your convenience.
  • They have experienced, well-trained instructors who deliver top-quality study resources.
  • The school has a wide variety of courses, from certificate level to master's degree.


  • Udacity can't sync learning materials offline, including voice sync.

9. Edx


Edx is a top learning platform with more than 3,000 online courses on offer. It also has more than 300 different programs of different qualifications and has more than 34 million learners. It was established by Harvard and MIT universities professors. The company partners with top universities (more than 160 institutions).

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EdX is the ideal choice if you're a young professional aspiring to succeed in your real estate career. It is also a great choice if you're a practicing professional but wants to improve your skills. What's amazing about EdX is that they have a professional certificate that they issue upon completing your course.

There are individual EdX plans and business plans. The individual plan is for individual learners who enroll in the courses. On the other hand, edX for Business customizes a suitable schedule to enact your team with the necessary employment skills for the thrive of the company or business. The latter has more than 1,000 online courses.

What Are the EdX Charges?

There are several ways you can pay for Edx classes. The charges for the various programs the platform offers are listed below.

  • Master's Degree. This package costs between $10,000 and $25,000. Top universities and learning institutions offer this program.

  • MicroMasters. This program will need you to pay between $600 and $1,500.

  • MicroBachelors Programs. This program is for adult beginners with no prior knowledge or skills. It costs between $500 and $1,500.

  • Professional Certificate Programs. This program costs between $150 and $1,000.

  • Global Freshman Academy. This program costs $200 per credit.

You have two payment options to choose from; audit this course and pursue the verified track.

  • Audit this course. This package is free. However, you'll have limited access to course materials. Also, you won't be eligible for the end session certificate.

  • Pursue the Verified track. This plan is the paid package. Here, you have unlimited access to course material. You also get a professional certificate when you complete your course.

Creating an Edx Account

Use the instructions below to create an Edx account.

  1. Open edx.org in your browser.

  2. At the top right corner of the interface, select the Sign-up option.

  3. Select the Create an Account tab.

  4. Input all the details you're prompted to enter. Put your name, email, username, and password.

  5. Click on the Create Account button.


  • This school offers a certificate after you complete the course.
  • It partners with top universities in offering reputable courses.
  • Its courses can begin anytime, and you can customize them.
  • A refund policy lets you get a refund of the money after you buy a package.


  • The platform has no course structure.

How to Choose the Best Online Real Estate School

With the several online real estate schools now available, it might be challenging to identify the best one that suits you. To ease the tension, consider the factors listed below.

The number one factor is pricing. While online classes are generally more affordable than in-person classes, some have higher and more complicated pricing. Therefore, you need to select an online school with an affordable and clear pricing model. However, if you have the resources and funds, you can invest in expensive online classes as long as they provide value for your money.

The next factor is convenience. You should always go for an online real estate class with flexible schedules for your convenience. The classes should have all the learning resources available in one place. They should also have records of the live events, which you can access in the future.

a person looking at the laptop and taking notes

A professional certificate is essential in your real estate career. You, therefore, need to choose an online school that provides a certificate when you complete the course. Such schools have partnership deals with major Universities and other higher learning institutions.

The quality of the classes is also key in determining the best online school. A school with a well-structured and regulated study schedule should be your ideal choice. The school also needs to have all necessary study tools and resources to ensure learners get the best experience.

Consider the school's success rates. The success rate of any school is the true image of the school and its courses. A school with a higher success rate should be the one you consider when choosing the best school to enroll in. You can also look at the learner's and users' reviews to learn if they recommend the school.

What Is the Most Reputable Real Estate School?

The most reputable real estate school is Udemy. The school has the widest selection of real estate courses you can access through an online platform. In addition, they offer their courses in several languages, ensuring many learners access them. Their courses are also affordable, unlike other schools with expensive classes. Finally, their instructors are practicing real estate professionals with experience in real estate.

Is the Real Estate Exam Hard?

No, real estate exams are not hard. They test the concepts you learn in the classes and those you experience in the current real estate trends. However, they ensure the exams are not that simple to ensure only the skilled learners qualify to become real estate agents. The pass rate may differ depending on the state.

How Long Do Online Real Estate Courses Take?

Online real estate courses take a varied period to complete. But, on average, they take between two to three months to complete. However, the duration will vary depending on the daily course duration of the school schedules.

How Does an Online Real Estate Class Work?

Online real estate classes allow learners to access real estate courses online instead of in-person classes. Learners connect with instructors from all over the globe. The study resources are available online, which the students can access anytime.

What Are the Benefits of Online Real Estate Courses?

The benefits of real estate classes are listed below.

  • Online real estate classes are more affordable.

  • Online real estate classes have several course options.

  • Online classes are more convenient.

  • They offer flexibility.

  • These classes help you network and connect with colleagues and other real estate professionals.