7 Best Free Python Course Reviews in 2023 | Learn This Popular Programing Language At No Cost!

As a tech fanatic, I love Python programming because it's versatile. It enables me to carry out many programming tasks better than other programming languages. Plus, most beginners and intermediate Python programming learners agree with me on the need for that additional support course. And a free Python course will go a long way.

So, if you want the best free Python course or the one where you don't have to spend lots of dollars, while at the same time learning and growing, you're at the right place.

Based on my experience I have compiled some of the best free Python courses. Have a look and see what works for you.

3 Top Free Python Courses

[Best Overall] 

1. IPPL Introduction To Python Programming language

The course is ideal for somebody who wants to begin the journey as a Python programmer. It helps any aspiring Python developer understand the major Python programming concepts.


  • Available for Android & iOS devices
  • Offered by an experienced tutor
  • It requires an affordable starter pack

[Best Reading Tutorial] 

2. Python 3 Programming Language With Codecademy

The course offers two optional code challenges to help me grasp advanced concepts as a Python beginner. These two challenges come in the intervals of five lectures. 


  • It's a hands-on course with career-worthy Python programming skills
  • It has AI assistance
  • It's short and detailed

[Best for Beginners] 

3Udemy's Free Python Programming for Beginners

The tutorial has over 30 unique sections, with certain sections having over 20 lectures. It ideal for beginner and even intermediate Python learners who want an in-depth free Python class.


  • Has high trustworthiness because of many endorsements
  • High learner satisfaction
  • It has many free Python resources relevant to beginners

Note These Before Enrolling in a Free Python Course

Here are a few things I noticed about the free Python course:

  • First, most free Python courses lack instructor direct messaging and a Q&A session. The direct messaging here is in the sense of inquiring more about the course contents.That means I can only have a Q&A session on other issues like the cost, in case I enroll for the premium option. But, for instance, I can't inquire from the course instructor or the online platform about any course content difficulty I meet.

  • The second is the certificate of completion. Certification is one of the essential considerations before enrolling in a free Python course. Why? It will come in handy especially if I get a client who wants to ascertain that I have the skills I claim to have.

These two advantages are a plus for learners using the premium option and a downside for those on the free option. Nonetheless, let's start with IPPL.

Best Free Python Course Reviews

IPPL is my top preference because it's ideal for anyone looking for the best Python course for Python basics. The course is ideal for somebody who wants to begin the journey as a Python programmer.

Avinash Jain, the tutor of this course, is experienced in Python with well-understood, deeply-explained, broken-to-bite-size content for newbies.

Avi is a 16-year-old tech Engineering & Computer Science Student. He started his programming career when he was ten years and is now the CEO of TheCodex.Me, where he has tutored over 500,000 learners on coding.  

The course helps any aspiring Python developer understand the major Python programming concepts, including writing a script and a concept.

The Specs of IPPL

Skill Level


Caption Availability


Total Lecture Hours

90 minutes



Number of Lectures


IPPL Python Course's Features and Benefits

  • IPPL is Available for Android and iOS devices. So it means I can access it with the iPad or my laptop. My only worry was the internet, which I already have. Therefore, with these three items, I was good to go.

  • As a starter in coding, who didn't know anything about coding, let alone Python, I appreciated IPPL for its friendliness to beginners. I would like a stepping stone before embarking on a journey to learn Python in-depth, and IPPL is perfect.

  • All 18 lectures have captions, so I didn't have to repeat them many times. Sometimes it takes several repeats to grasp the concept. So the lessons are easy for most learners and me.

  • I found it learner friendly because it's only ninety minutes long. Hence, it's not tedious and lengthy. You know those coding and programming languages where you're left clueless because of their length? IPPL is not one of those.


  • It's completely free
  • Available for Android & iOS devices
  • IPPL is Python coding beginner-friendly
  • I found that I didn't need prior coding or Python experiences
  • Short, straightforward, and well-explained lectures
  • Offered by an experienced tutor
  • It requires an affordable starter pack


  • I found IPPL not a to-go-for course for Python Experts because it is somewhat basic and comes in English only.


I have always considered being a data scientist and this P3PL-Python 3 Programming Language is ideal if you want to become a data-driven Python expert.

The course offers two optional code challenges to help me grasp advanced concepts as a Python beginner. These two challenges come in the intervals of five lectures. That's because the P3PL Python tutorial has ten readable lectures without audio, so be ready to read and learn.

Python 3 is an easy-to-read yet powerful language. It would land you a job in a big tech company and be a good starting coding course for your Python programming journey. Therefore, it's a to-go course if you want to acquire hirable Python skills.

Unique Specs of P3PL

Code challenges

2 Present



reading tutorials/Audio

Reading tutorials only

The Features and Benefits of P3PL

I found the following features and benefits of P3PL.

  • P3Pl has two Python coding challenges after five lectures which will help learners gain object-oriented programming learning. Its assessment is unique because it's optional. So I won't get stuck there should I not pass.
  • It has a course menu that helps point out the area of focus. I found this ideal for a reading tutorial because reading could get boring. And especially when I'm reading something I already know, I need to fast-forward to the meat of the lesson.
  • A course on help and response AI. Even though most free courses don't have a response pattern, P3PL's response features help me when stuck.
  • The reading tutorials are a plus since how fast or slow the learner completes the course depends on their reading and comprehension speed. So if you're like me, with a reading AI on your laptop, you'll enjoy the ride.


  • Reading P3PL is profitable and easy because it's short and detailed
  • It's also free with free Python programs
  • Upon payment of the certification fee, the learner gets certified
  • It's a hands-on course with career-worthy Python programming skills
  • Not only that, but it has AI assistance when the student gets stuck.


  • Lacks audios for those who prefer listening to reading. 

By the way, I thought most people love audio more than reading. What's your preference? I love reading!


Python for Beginners (PFB) is a fascinating free Python programming course because of its detail. The tutorial has over 30 unique sections, with certain sections having over 20 lectures while others have only one.

Bharath Thippireddy is the course tutor. He is top-rated with a 4.5 rating on Udemy. That's such a high rating, especially coming from over 575k learner reviews on Udemy alone. That removed any doubts I would have had before enrolling for this course.

So it's ideal for beginner and even intermediate Python learners who want an in-depth free Python class.

PFB Unique Specs

Number of Sections


Total Lecture Time

13 hours 22 minutes




Python basics, Eclipse IDE, and PyCharm Community Edition

Who’s it for 

  • Beginners who want an in-depth explanation of Python
  • Intermediate developers who would love to fill in gaps in their Python skills

PFB Features and Benefits

  • The course has an outstanding, simple, detailed tutor who is dependable. Bharath Thippireddy has grasped the course content so well that fine-tuning and learning a Python programming language from PFB seemed like a walk in the park.
  • I like the course structure and the build of PFB. Mil, a former PFB student, had a Java background, and he agrees that even without prior knowledge of Python, the course has unique sessions relevant to an AI project like his.
  • The endorsement by unique firms that heavily utilize Python language, which I would like to work with, meant that I could trust their quality. Such organizations are Nasdaq and Volkswagen, almost like an advanced Python course.
  • I saw PFB has keen attention to detail and has rich video lectures. Considering that it's a free online course, it is a good fit for any beginner and primarily intermediate learner with a love for simplicity in learning Python scripts in a detailed and straightforward way.


  • One of the great free online courses for intermediates that are entirely free
  • It has many free Python resources relevant to both beginners, and intermediates
  • Has high trustworthiness because of many endorsements
  • High learner satisfaction


  • It's pretty long for someone in a hurry to grasp the Python programming language though it calls for commitment and discipline, which are vital in any learner.

Learn Python 3 programming language through educational, thorough, and comprehensive reading materials.

It only takes 10 hours to go through the course's 80 lessons. However, it has many quizzes and other learning aids that would take most average learners like me some extra time. But with the proper enthusiasm, you should not exceed 14 hours.

I find that actual reading is faster than listening to videos. Reading this course would take less time than listening to videos from the same course. 

And this course is so interactive. I mean, it has over 60 illustrations, many playgrounds, and lots of practical challenges. But I appreciate the illustrations more than all other learning aids because I can connect with the content from my skill level.

P3FS Specs

Number of lessons












  • Its Interactive reading materials include playgrounds, illustrations, and quizzes. They endorse learners with a high grasping power. Therefore, it wouldn't take me long to start and comprehend Python from scratch. 
  • It offers the learner robust coding materials that provide a unique coding environment. 
  • Its outstanding Coding Environment is faster to work with. This feature makes the course special to anyone who prefers reading to listening.
  • Has a test-yourself kind of approach. You don't have to go to the end only to find I haven't grasped anything, so this approach is ideal for me.
  • There's a premium option for those who would love a tutor's guidance, whether it's individual or for an enterprise. 


  • It's trustworthy
  • Suitable for beginner and intermediate learners, and it's free
  • Fast and suitable for people who prefer reading
  • Personalized to most learners by AI through interactions


  • If you love audio, it might be too long, but it's a to-go-for course for those who love reading.

Coming from JavaScript, R, or other programming languages and didn't have a good grasp of Python? PTB is for you. I love that the Python Total Beginner course helps such kinds of learners get a solid grasp of Python from the start.

I specifically saw PTBC as a course for coding intermediaries who want to fine-tune their Python 3.6 & Jupyter Notebook Anaconda five-0. 

That’s because Python's Total Beginner's unique feature teaches Jupyter Notebook IDE and how to use it. 

So, if you have some skills in Python coding, PTBC is ideal for perfecting them. 

The course uses the learn-and-test model with 7 quizzes that will boggle your minds. The exercises come with solutions which Michael S Russell, the tutor, dares the learner to engage in and give his review after the first few classes. 

After personally trying them, they are suitable for relative intermediates and starters.

Python Total Beginner Course Specs



Watch time

3hrs 30 mins




9 and one bonus lesson



PTBC Features and Benefits

  • It has course exercises with solutions to refer to for assessment. I wouldn't want to test myself and leave it at that, which is why the solutions go a long way.
  • It starts with an example of Python, which gave me a direct challenge to learn and grasp the course content. I loved that the tutor didn't present all concepts on the videos for simple learning but engaged the learner extensively. 
  • Fast-to-the-point content. With this course, the learner must commit to being outgoing. That's music to my ears because I don't have to waste time looking for the what's and how's of Python programming languages.
  • Detailed uniquely. I had seen people complain that they found missing details in random functions and file handling class. But I feel the tutor left them out intentionally for the exercise he later explained in the quiz.


  • I find this course quite detailed and is perfect for intermediaries.
  • Unique course materials
  • Ideal for the Python brain expansion through the quick quizzes with solutions
  • Non-fluffy, straight-to-the-point explanations
  • Good content flow with ideal explanations


  • The complete starter may need some additional Python instructions because the course lacks introductory basics like what Python entails.

6Programming for Everyone (Start Python in Coursera)


With the moderate computer skills I get from YouTube all the time, the Programming for Everyone (PFE) course materials are easy-to-master.

Do you remember the good old book “Python for Everybody?” This course covers the book's first five chapters in a guided, straightforward way.

I like that Michigan University offers it in my favorite town, Michigan. Even better, Charles Russell Severance, a Clinical professor in the Information School, is the tutor. 

PFE is one of those courses I feel all learners would go to learn how to install and write Python and get Python at their fingertips. Why? Because the learner gets Python semantics, Syntax, BPL, and Python Programming, which are the crucial basics of Python Programming. 

PFE’s Outstanding Specs 

University Involved

Michigan university


3 494 353



Online platform 

Coursera 100% online


Korean, French, Portuguese, Vietnamese, German, Italian, English, Turkish, Spanish, Russian, Chinese

Course requirements

Simple computer basics



Features and Benefits of PFE

  • Michigan's University endorses the course. It has given its professor as the tutor. Therefore, I like the reliability of the course because it shows that the course is a well-supported tutor’s idea. 
  • Student satisfaction with the course by hitting the exact Python semantics, syntax, and basics that any beginner could start with them. Look at the number of students who’ve gone through the course. I love that fellow learners agree that it's reliable.
  • PFE is part of an Online Master’s degree in Data Science by Michigan University. Michigan's University says the course counts toward degree learning with them.
  • Its adjustable schedule means I can pursue my dairy business and reschedule the class to a suitable time.
  • It is the only free course I found with a shareable certificate. I can confidently show off my skill in my portfolio because there will be dependable proof. 
  • Comes with multiple captions. I get to choose my preferred language. 


  • Official and reliable course content 
  • A shareable certificate after completion
  • I can learn in English or French as it’s multilingual
  • Only requires simple computer basics


  • I would appreciate more research from other sources other than one book alone. But with Russel’s experience, the course is comprehensive, and anyone can get his point.


Python 2 is a popular programming language primarily because it’s versatile and has a general-purpose approach to Python. Also, It's straightforward. 

Anyone who loves web development, data science apps, or developing software would love Python 2 because it’s an awesome introduction to fundamental programming concepts in Python.

Knowledge stress-and-test quizzes help me commit Python syntax, console, strings output, controls, and conditionals to memory.

Madelyn of Pinterest says she knew nothing about Python and grasped everything to start Python programming immediately. I totally agree that this course is ideal for starters. 

Python 2 Specs


Absent for the free option

Number of Students

6 232 493



Completion time

25 hrs

Who’s it for



Reading free resources

Features Plus Benefits of Python 2 

  • The course employs reading tutorials which are better than videos because I feel it allows me to get more hands-on than while using videos.
  • Python 2 requires no prerequisites. The complete Python beginner would love Python 2 because it teaches starting basics in Python programming without any prerequisite requirements.
  • A practice session on writing the first programming code and editing it.  This mode is interactive and engaging. As a learner, I want something to sharpen my skills and prepare me for applying and practicing real-world situations. 
  • Has a certificate of completion for the interested individuals, which comes at a small fee and some additional materials.


  • Python 2 is friendly to starters
  • Has a provision for a completion certificate
  • Prepares me for real-world challenges
  • Has an updated version in Codecademy
  • Short and detailed for beginners


  • I prefer doing Python 3 to 2 because it’s more up-to-date, and it will give me a better chance than Python 2. But I love this course because it gives me the basic skills to start my Python career. 

Course Selection Guide for Free Python Courses

To land a perfect free Python course, use the following criteria above the basic intuition.  

The Course’s Study Plan

The course’s study plan is the lesson outlook. Look at the number of lessons that the course has. Listen through the first video of the introduction of every module. 

Outstanding study plans of IPPL, PFB, and PFE made me more enthusiastic while preparing for this guide. The lecturers are highly conversant with the curse content. Look at how they’ve orchestrated the plan and learn volumes about the courses. 

However, some study plans are daring. For instance, go halfway if you must give a poor review on their content. In this case, I look at the last lectures’ attention to detail, contents, and relevance.  

a woman attending online course

The Learning Approach and Materials

The learning approach helps me determine if the course will give me what I need or if it's favorable to my schedule. 

A course's learning approach entails its mode, whether it is reading or lecture videos. These courses reviewed here are all online. But if I had a downloadable option, I would go for it. 

Also, it's the course’s teaching aids, quizzes, challenges, and other learning materials. Teaching aids help beginners to grasp basic concepts like data structures in Python.

If you’re an intermediate, don’t go for the ones with many introductory lessons. Go for a course like PTB because it goes directly to the exercises rather than many explanations. 

Course Certification

Certification throws some courses off the grid despite their excellence. So if you want proof of going through the course for your portfolio, go for PFE. 

Platform, Learning Tools, and Requirements 

Some platforms have more ratings and a good history of customer satisfaction. My favorites are Udemy, Coursera, and Codecademy.

Unless you have evidence from a trusted source of another platform, you can go ahead. But verify the validity of any platform.

Does a course require what you already have? Do you need to use extra resources like YouTube to get more information? These questions will show you whether you meet the prerequisite requirements. 

a man holding a cell phone

Which Is the Best Free Course to Learn Python?

The Best Free Course to learn Python in my opinion depends on the learner. If you’re a beginner, go for Python for Everyone because it deals with the introduction to Python programming language. 

But free courses will be too wordy if you’re intermediate or want to advance to become a manager or advance in your managerial office. So consider the premium option or other advanced Python courses.

Where Can I Learn Full Python For Free?

I can learn free online Python courses for free at Udemy, Coursera, and CodeCademy. There are other options, but the three are the best. 

After completing an online beginner Python course, you’ll land web development, machine learning expert, app development, and data analysis gigs.