Graphic Design Vs Web Design | Which Is the Right Career for You?

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Does Graphic design and Web design refer to the same thing?It is not uncommon for people to confuse the two terms or use them interchangeably. To a layman, Web designers and graphic designers are all art designers since their job involves creativity and art skills.The truth is that the two professions share some similarities. For … Read more

Shopify Vs Amazon FBA | Which is a Better Online Platform for Your Business?

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With the advancement of technology and the internet, you don’t need to have a physical store to open a business. You can now sell your products online, advertise online. You can do selling on Amazon, on Shopify, and other e-commerce platforms and make and receive payments using online platforms such as PayPal.Online selling platforms such … Read more

Automated Dropshipping | Ditch Manual Tasks and Increase Your Sales!

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Automation has always been the way of the future, so if you’re already running successful dropshipping businesses left and right, why not double the sales by switching to an automated dropshipping model?What is automated drop shipping, you ask? Well, automated drop shipping is a system designed to manage your dropshipping business easier, so you wouldn’t … Read more

Affiliate vs Partner | What’s the Difference and Which is Better for Your Business?


Whether you’re trying to join an affiliate marketing program or building one for your own company, understanding the difference between affiliate vs partner is important.In the world of affiliate marketing, the term affiliate has been used for over 20 years, so the sudden push in changing it into “partner” can be quite puzzling for both … Read more

Is Dropshipping Legal? | What Legalities Should You Look Out For?

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If you just discovered the dropshipping business and are wondering: Is dropshipping legal? Yes, you’re on the right path. No business should ever be launched without knowing the legalities. This post will answer all the burning dropshipping questions that you need to know, so you could decide if this kind of e-commerce business model is … Read more

Affiliate Fees | How Much Income Can This Revenue Model Earn You?

Affiliate marketing is a billion-dollar industry and one of the most long-lasting business models online, but with high affiliate fees and almost every company offering its own version, is it still worth following this business revenue model today? Did you know that digital affiliate marketing has only been around since 1996? William J. Tobin, the founder … Read more

Stages of Game Development | Learn Everything About Booming Gaming Industry and Possibly Consider a New Exciting Career Path


Game design is a team effort, which is why all the stages of game development are assigned to smaller teams of professionals from artists to programmers and everyone else in between. If you’re interested in a career in the booming gaming industry, understanding the game design stages and what role would fit you best could … Read more

Game Developer Jobs | Guide to Roles and Responsibilities on This Awesome Career Path

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Turning your passion for video games into your full-time game developer jobs can be a dream-come-true for most gamers. But this transition is not easy and requires a lot of hard work, plenty of late-night learning, trial-and-error, but highly rewarding once you’ve successfully reached your goal.As a game developer, you are fully involved in the … Read more

How to Learn Deep Learning | Guide to CNNs, LSTMs, RNNs, GANs, RBFNs, MLPs, SOMs & More

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If you’ve always been interested in AI and have questions about machine learning, and other cutting-edge concepts surrounding this complex yet super-interesting subject, then this post should help you get started on your awesome rabbit hole.If this is the first time you’ve heard of AI or have only been reading about them in theory, the … Read more