Are Udemy Courses Worth It? | Full Review Of Programs, Features and Price Plans

Are Udemy Courses worth it? I will be answering this question in this Udemy Review plus evaluate its certificates, prices, instructors, just to name a few.

Udemy courses are a great way to learn online because they are affordable, high quality, and most of them can be taken on the go on your phone or laptop. So they are worth the money.

Overview of Udemy E-Learning Platform

It has 155,000 courses-more than any other online platform that I have reviewed

Has 35 million students

You can learn at your own pace

Many courses are taught by top industry instructors

Has a mobile app

Top courses include Design, Development, Marketing, IT and Software, Personal Development, Business, Health, and Fitness, Photography and Music

Featured topics Category include Python with 27,505, 900 students

Photoshop with 9,270,171 students

 Ethical Hacking with 8, 547,458 students

Financial analysis with 1,031, 688 students

 Drawing has 2,113,084 students

Machine Learning has 5,520, 780 students. This is according to their official website.

Courses start as low as $13.99

Udemy Review

Udemy is the best eLearning platform available in the market, but you should see their comparison to Skillshare platform, as well. It has a wide list of courses on various subjects to choose from. You have access to thousands of Udemy courses authored by experts in their respective fields. There is also a community of students with who you can engage and help each other out at any time.

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When It Was Founded

Udemy learning platform was founded in 2010 by Eren Bali and Oktay Caglar. The website is mainly for enrolling in online courses. It operates in 140 countries (including the US, Africa, UK, Australia, India, and Russia), with the content available in 30 languages.

I personally have taken all kinds of online courses on Udemy. I've learned how to edit videos, how to use video games as a study aid, and even how to set up a website. But I decided to take one course on Udemy because of its discount — it was 50% off for 24 hours.


Courses on Udemy

The platform offers courses on a wide variety of subjects, as is the case with Pluralsight, another online platform we stacked it against. Students who are interested in careers like web development, business, digital marketing, computer science, marketing, nursing, or programming, can look for courses designed for those purposes.

Udemy offers something for everyone: cooking, travel, communication, design, the list goes on! The site even has a course on how to write effective blog posts!


Added New Features

At the same time, Udemy is growing like crazy. In the last year or so, they have been working hard to position themselves as a serious competitor to Coursera and other major online course providers.

This isn’t just my opinion; it’s pretty clear from some of the changes I have seen at Udemy over the year. They have added more features than I could mention here — including forums, chat, and job boards — all geared toward keeping students engaged and helping them find value in Udemy’s platform.

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Are Affordable

Courses on Udemy are much cheaper than university fees. So, you don’t need to be worried about a huge financial burden. Many people focus on their job without putting in the time to educate themselves. However, it is also important to improve your skills and knowledge. Utilizing Udemy can help you do that - so it’s worth the money!

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Top Courses on Udemy Learning Platform

Design Courses

One of the top courses on this platform is design. You can purchase the ultimate drawing course, ultimate adobe photoshop, illustrator 20121 masterclass, or even a complete character drawing course. These are online courses that will help you learn new skills in drawing and designing.

IT and Software Courses

On the Udemy Learning Platform, you can find a wide variety of courses related to IT. It doesn't matter if you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced user; there are courses that will suit everyone’s needs.

Courses to choose for IT include AWS certified developer, cybersecurity course, ethical hacking, etc. There are also programming courses such as web design, JavaScript, and Python. The learning experience is great, especially if you want to learn at your own pace.

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Business and Marketing Courses

Popular business courses include Business Analysis, Project Management, SQL, Real estate investing, and Tableau. It is a great place to learn since all these courses and classes come with an Instructor.

If you want to get ahead in your career, learn new skills, further your education or start a new hobby and become an expert, Udemy’s platform and learning system provide the best courses available online.

Udemy Course Price

Udemy is a good platform that offers courses at various prices. The provider makes the payment process easier for students who want to purchase their courses without any worries about the transaction process.

Have Affordable Courses

Udemy is one of the best learning platforms because its courses are reasonably priced. Thousands of courses are available for $15 or less; therefore, you can enroll in different courses from various instructors without having to spend hundreds on a single course.

ten dollars per course

Priced per Course

It is worth noting that Udemy is priced per course. The cost of a course is determined by Udemy instructors, and this is their business model.  The minimum price of an Udemy course is $9 and the maximum price is $200. At the time of writing this Udemy review, most courses on Udemy cost $13 each.

Udemy usually runs sales almost all year round and mainly on different occasions, such as Black Friday, New Year's, Memorial Day, and Valentine's Day. Moreover, online Udemy sales are always around major holidays, like the July 4th Independence Day sale and the start of the summer sale.

Also, many courses have certificates, even brand new ones. All Udemy courses have a money-back guarantee plus come with their study materials.

twelve dollars

Courses for Free

Udemy offers over 500 free courses in many subjects such as business, marketing, coding, etc.

This is a list of some of the best Udemy free courses that are available right now. Most of these are beginner-level courses, but I have also included intermediate and advanced free courses. Because it isn't really fair to include the list of all free courses here, you should also check out their complete free courses list.

  • Code your first game
  • 7 Scientifically Proven Steps to Increase your Influence
  • A Mini-Course on Time Management
  • Introductory Photography Course
  • Microsoft Excel Pivot Tables
  • HTML5 and CSS3 Fundamentals
  • How to use Smart Goals: Achieve More in Less Time
  • Best Practice for Working Remotely
first game coding

As you can see from this list, most of these are mini free Udemy courses that will take you few hours to finish. The quality of courses is good. Take advantage of these free courses to learn a new skill that might be needed in your job.  

Udemy Certificates

If you are an instructor on Udemy, you can issue digital Udemy certificates to students who have successfully completed a course. Recently, this has been extended to include specialty certifications for sections of a course or additional training an instructor offers.

Certificates provide evidence of achievement and completion for students and are a great way to verify credentials.

Udemy offers a wide variety of free courses along with paid courses that may include 'practice tests' as a bonus, but Udemy does not offer a certificate of completion for the practice test and free courses.


Is Udemy Accredited Institution?

Udemy is not an accredited institution. As a result, these certificates cannot be used for formal accreditation such as course credit, college credit, or other similar endorsements by schools, universities, or employers.

If you are in search of a professional course with a certificate at the end, Lynda (LinkedIn Learning), is a perfect pick as you can put the certificates you get from Lynda on your LinkedIn profile.

However, the company is confident in the quality of their course content, which is why they employ a robust quality assurance team and give students the ability to rate and review each course.

As a result of obtaining a certificate, some students may feel they have received formal recognition from their colleagues or employer as a result of completing a course.

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Is a Certificate of Udemy Worth It?

A certificate of completion for an Udemy course is a useful document to use as a reference when you are applying for a new job, college, or graduate school. It lets your potential employer (or college admission officer) know that you have successfully completed an online course.

Are Udemy Courses Legitimate?

In recent years, online learning has gotten much attention, and Udemy is one of the most popular educational institutions for this very reason. And so many people have been wondering if Udemy provides real courses or is it just a scam to make people part with their money? Is it legitimate?

Yes, Udemy courses are very legit. All of the instructors are professionals in their respective fields, so you will get the best possible training. The courses are created by these professionals to help you learn or enhance a particular skill.

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 Everything is up to date, and all of the course content is practical. Every student gets a certification of completion. What sets this platform apart from other Udemy alternatives, is that all Udemy courses come with no expiration date if the viewer needs to reference it at any time.

Can Udemy Courses Get You a Job?

I'm here to tell you that gaining job-related skills from Udemy and obtaining its certification can help elevate your ability to get hired.  Udemy courses are becoming very popular in job applications. More and more employers are using Udemy to find the perfect candidate. Employers are bypassing traditional education with an Udemy school degree. You can also use our comparison to decide which other platforms like Udacity or Treehouse are great for your needs.

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  1. Can I use my certification from udemy in Australia

    And paratice my skills on my client ?

    And use my udemy trainers knowledge ans skills I was taught on my own social media since I paid and was successful on the course please clarify all my enquiries I would Appreciate it .

    I don’t want to be paying g for something if it’s not legit or waste of time if I can’t use it

    • You can certainly practice skills learned from Udemy on personal projects and clients. It’s probably better to do it on personal projects than clients first to make sure you have a solid understanding. However, Udemy is how one of our team members got started and it has definitely paid off for her.


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