Alison Courses Review | Quality Programs Addressing Job-Applicable Skills

When choosing colleges and Universities, paying high tuition fees can be a problem. I decided to learn new skills from an online learning platform. And what's better than Alison Learning Academy?

In this Alison online courses review, I have answered all you need to know about this platform. In the article, you'll find information on how the Alison Learning Platform operates, how many courses they offer, and how much you'll pay for their programs. I have also highlighted the procedure to follow when signing up for the platform.

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Alison Courses Review: What Is Alison?

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Alison is an online learning platform that offers programs addressing job-applicable skills to nurture learners into professionals. It is a free online education platform based in Galway, Ireland, and was established in April 2007 by Mike Feerick.

The platform has over 2500 free online programs and more than 19 million students. I also noticed that it has more than 3 million graduates across the globe. From these figures, I am confident that Alison Learning Academy has an established reputation for free certificate and diploma courses.

The Alison management staff consists of professional representatives from more than 14 countries across the globe who serve or served as technologists, marketers, analysts, and publishers.

How Does Alison Work?

Alison is more than just an academic zone. The platform has different study areas, as shown below.

  • Academic

  • Workplace

  • Personal Development

When I signed up for this platform, I had to choose my study area and sector.

You can choose Primary, Secondary, or Third Level study sectors in the Academic study area. You can enroll in a program ranging from kindergarten to higher learning levels.

You can choose Formal learning or Job Role Training study sectors in the Workplace study area. Formal learning is suitable when preparing for a trade assessment or a professional examination. Alternatively, job role training will upskill you for a specific career path.

The last study area is Personal Development. Under this category, there are two study sectors; personal improvement and Activities and Hobbies. You can choose either of them depending on your needs.

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What Courses Does Alison Offer?

Alison has courses divided into three subcategories:

  • Certificate Courses

  • Diploma Courses

  • Learning Paths

Certificate Courses are simple and may have little topic coverage. They cover specific topics ranging from business courses to health literacy. These courses take between two to three hours to complete.

Diploma Courses cover a wide field. They have more topic coverage and offer more extensive insights on the said topics. You can enroll for a course in human resources, social media marketing, business and legal studies, and many more. These courses take between eight and ten hours to complete.

Learning Paths. This category has well-researched and structured content around a subject area. These programs have several niches to broaden learners' knowledge of the subject under study. Courses include English studies, physics, and accounting. These courses take between eighteen and twenty hours to complete.

I have listed the popular courses under each category below.

Certificate Courses

  • Personal Development and Soft Skills
  • Business and Enterprise Skills
  • Health and Safety and Compliance
  • Digital Literacy and IT Skills
  • Health Literacy
  • Financial and Economic Literacy

Diploma Courses

  • Diploma in Human Resources
  • Diploma in Legal studies
  • Diploma in Business and Legal Studies
  • Diploma in Business Management and Entrepreneurship
  • Diploma in Social Media Marketing
  • Diploma in Project Management
  • Diploma in Environmental Science
  • Diploma in Web Business Development and Marketing
  • Diploma in Outdoor and Physical Education Studies
  • Diploma in General Science

Learning Paths

  • English Language Skills
  • Health and Safety (Irish Legislation Only)
  • Schools Curriculum

How Much Is Alison?

Alison's courses are entirely free - you get to learn for free. However, some instances require you to pay.

I have listed the pricing model for Alison below.

The basic membership plan is a free plan that gives you access to free courses. You'll have full access to the course assessment and other course materials, including notes, video lectures, learning hubs, and many more. However, this plan has ads that pop up now and then, inconveniencing me.

The Premium Monthly membership is a more reliable plan but comes at a price. You will need to pay a monthly subscription charge of $8.18 or a one-time fee of $510.83. What I liked about this plan is that it doesn't have ads. It also has more resources than the basic membership plan, such as CV builder.

In addition, you'll also need to pay for a certificate of completion once you finish each course. Depending on the course, these charges may range from $21.50 to $22.10.

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Is Alison Worth It?

Yes, I can attest that it is worth it. First, Alison offers free education, meaning you won't pay a cent to learn. Second, its programs have well-structured courses with rich content that guarantee learners of quality skills acquisition.

The only thing I found disturbing is the pop-up ads. They sometimes inconvenienced me, but the ads disappeared when I signed up for a premium monthly membership. 

How Do You Sign Up for Alison?

It is simple to sign up for the Alison learning platform. Follow the steps below to sign up.

  1. Open
  2. Create a profile using your credentials
  3. Select your study area. Do the same to the study sector and level.
  4. Click on the Start Now tab to start your learning process.


Alison has many benefits, as shown below. 

  • Ease of Use. Alison website has a well-designed landing page that's easy to use, even for beginners. Finding a course on this website was never a problem for me.
  • Excellent Content Quality. Alison has one of the most comprehensive course content. Courses are well-structured and have rich, in-depth coverage of topics.
  • Affordability. It delights me to learn new skills on the Alison learning platform for free. Although I need to pay to access some courses and features, they are much more affordable than other online learning platforms.
  • Flexibility. Alison has a convenient stand flexible learning environment. It has self-paced courses, allowing me to study them independently.


Despite having many benefits, Alison has a few downsides, as shown below. 

  • Ads. The basic membership plan has frequent ads that sometimes distract you from your class. However, you can address this issue by subscribing to the premium monthly membership plan.
  • Courses lack course descriptions. Despite having rich content, Alison courses don't include a course description. I sometimes dived into lessons that I could have avoided had they included a course description.


Is Alison Courses Any Good?

Yes, Alison courses are good, and I highly recommend them. The platform allows learners to gain job-relevant skills on a certified level.

Are Alison Certificates Recognized?

Yes, Alison certificates are recognized. They are recognized internationally but don't offer an externally accredited qualification. The courses are proven to be compliant with international standards.

Which Alison Courses Come With Free Certificates?

No Alison courses come with free certificates. You must pay to get a certificate of completion. However, you'll get a learner record showing which and how many classes you attended.

How Long Do Alison Courses Take?

The time Alison courses take varies depending on the course. For instance, certificate programs take between two to three hours. On the other hand, diploma courses take eight to ten hours, while learning paths take eighteen to twenty hours.

Is Alison Accredited in The US?

No, the US has not formally accredited Alison. However, US employees still recognize and value it. Looking at the Alison website, I learned that more than 50% of graduates landed a job or secured promotions after completing their Alison courses.

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